FIFA 17 Rumors Suggest the New Title Launch in September

EA Sports will reportedly release its latest installment in the FIFA franchise FIFA 17 in September. This is despite the fact that the company hasn’t released an official statement yet. But EA has released its FIFA games consistently around this period.


According to FIFA 17 News, EA has always released the game’s demo version two weeks prior to the game’s official release. For the FIFA series, since it’s one of their heavier games, they tend to announce it at the annual E3, which usually happens during June or July.

The consistency for the release dates for new titles can be seen in the trend that it has followed for more than three years. For example, FIFA 16 was launched on Sept. 22, 2015, FIFA 15 on Sept. 23, 2014, and FIFA 14 on Sept. 23, 2013. Similarly, the demo version of these games were released two weeks prior to the full game, such as the one from FIFA 16, which was launched on Sept. 8, 2015.

The release dates for the consoles will vary depending on regions and time zones, which means that the release could be delayed by two days maximum. As for the demo, it’s free regardless of the console and it’s usually 5GB in size. Also, it’s possible that there will be a deluxe edition for this game, which could cost at least $10 more but will include some bonuses such as exclusive items for the “FIFA Ultimate Team” as well as other rewards.

In any case, EA stated in its earnings call last May 10 that “FIFA 17” will undergo upgrades in three key areas: personalization, immersion and competition. This is explained by Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA. He even said that this kind of change will be implemented in other major EA Sports games like “Madden NFL 17” and “NHL 17”. With that being said, fans for this game hope that the upcoming FIFA game will address the various issues that caused the game’s decline.


10 Key Tips to Help You to be Professional in FIFA 17

All FIFA Game Players know EA Sports will release FIFA 17 on September, today u4fifa will tell you some key tips how to impvove and to be professional in FIFA 17.

1. Driven passing is key
“This is a new effect on the game: hold RT (R2) when you pass and it’s a really hard pass, which is hard to defend. I play a narrow formation, 4-3-1-2, so I can go through the middle of the opposition by spraying some driven passes. Over-the-top through balls don’t tend to be that effective anymore.”

2. Use your second player press when defending

“Play a possession game against someone like me and you’re likely to lose the ball within seconds. I put unreal pressure on my opponents, using the second player press and charging toward the ball. Much like real football, the best tactic is to read the game and know exactly what your opponent is going to do before they do. Is their overlapping fullback bombing on? Cut out the pass to the flanks. Are they about to be put through on goal? Bring your keeper out early before the striker gets a shot away. Read the play.”

3. Don’t lose the ball in midfield
“It sounds silly but in the last two FIFAs, losing the ball in midfield is one of the most rookie mistakes you can make. One pass later and your opponent can be through on goal.”

4. Jockeying will help you hold the ball up
“Once I get the ball up field, I keep LB and RB (L1 and R1) pressed, which jockeys the ball for a bit to hold up the ball. Jockeying allows you to keep close control with small movements.”

5. One-twos should be your bread and butter
“Hold LT (L2) when you’re passing and that player will actually be running after they pass the ball. So you can make your players run up the pitch and increase one-two play.”

6. Use speed to your advantage

“The latest FIFA is so fast paced that a good player will get the ball off you within two or three minutes game time if you run at them directly. If they don’t, you know their defence is shaky. I always pass back from kick off, draw their players towards me and then look to hit it up and play on the counter attack as soon as possible.”

7. But that doesn’t mean sprinting all the time
“Keeping hold of the run button all of the time increases the risk of you losing the ball, so be conservative with where and when you use it.”

8. Use the wings well
“In this game you’ll see good players run down the wings a lot, jockeying slowly, dribble around defenders, do a ball roll here and there, then they’ll get in to the box, pass across goal and score. That’s really hard to stop in this game.”

9. Get a good goalkeeper
“To do well on Ultimate Team you’re going to need a solid shot-stopper. Better stats really do make the difference – I’ve got David De Gea in goal and he’s had a big impact on my team.”

10. The best Ultimate Team players aren’t always the most expensive
“If you want a really strong squad that doesn’t cost the world, buy all Premier League players. The chemistry will be set at 100 and you can get really good bargains like Ramires, Mousa Dembele and Daniel Sturridge. Romelu Lukaku is one excellent striker too who won’t cost you the world either.”

5 Things EA Still Have Time to Implement in FIFA 17

1. Player searching on the transfer market

When I search a player on the market, I want all of his cards to appear. like this:

Player Name

I didn’t include his other informs cause I was lazy, but you get the idea.

2. Consumable searching on the market
When I search for squad fitness cards, I want to be able to filter the cards so I only see the squad fitness cards, and not the player fitness cards. This would save people so much time.

3. Player stats
I want to be able to see more than just games played, goals scored and assists. I want to see my player’s shot accuracy, pass accuracy, number of man of the matches, clean sheets, etc.

4. better rewards for division 1 titles
When I win division 1 multiple times, I want something more than fifa coins. Packs or draft tokens would be appreciated. the rewards should get better the more division 1 titles you win. You could also apply this to division 2 and division 3 but with smaller rewards. Not just fifa coins!

5. Savable team tactics
I want team tactics to be unique for each squad and savable. This would save the pain of checking your team tactics before every match you play.


10 Features Fans Expected in FIFA 17

EA Sports is bound to announce FIFA 17 at the special EA Play event at E3 2016, but we find out what the fans want from the game. These are the top 10 features you want to see this September. Below is the list, so here we go.


Of all the new features or tweaks you’d like to see in FIFA 17, the biggest request across the board has been an Online Career Mode. Although you can play online matches with your mates, the Career Mode is very much a personal journey.

Fans would love to see a 2-4 player option at the least, just to get an Online Career Mode started. That would make fighting for titles and transfers all the more energetic – and competitive. Football is all about challenging and fighting for the glory, so why not make that more of a part of the Career Mode?

Ah, FIFA 98: Road to the World Cup. There are so many reasons why you might class this one of the best FIFA games of all time, but the feature that everyone is missing right now is the indoor 5-a-side matches. Rather than including the feature in subsequent games, EA Sports decided to spin it off into FIFA Street. What a mistake.

Fans have been asking for the return of 5-a-sides or Pub Leagues since FIFA 98 and they’ll keep on asking until EA Sports hears their chanting.


Many fans have argued that the actual gameplay in the more recent FIFA titles has gone a bit downhill. They’re suggesting the golden year was FIFA 12, where the game still looked great, but felt great to play too.

Shots felt more direct and accurate in FIFA 12, whereas nowadays fans feel like there are too many features that dilute the actual fun you can have.

It might be called the beautiful game, but there’s little point in it looking nice if you don’t want to play it, is there?

In the more recent Madden games, there’s a feature where you recruit and put together a team of current players across the various positions. It’s a mix of tactics and risk, because you won’t get a good player in every position, so have to balance out between the awful default players for the positions you’ve not yet recruited for and your top players. You can also choose one of the three legendary players for your squad in the final round.

The idea is that you play challenges in order to win yourself new players and upgrade your team so you eventually have a team made up of current players from different squads, as well as legends like Pele and Best.

Who wouldn’t want a FIFA 17 team like that?

We all know the moment we boot up FIFA 16 and then have to select English for the bazillionth time. Why do we have to pick our language every time the game boots up? It’s 2016, surely the game can remember you choice?

Now we know that EA Sports probably won’t go for this, but fans would love to see the intentional foul and dive buttons back from FIFA 98: Road to the World Cup.

Gone are the days where FIFA games were a bit of a laugh and occasionally silly. Heck we even miss when you could run away from the referee.

Fans are also asking that the Career Mode is synced better, especially the League and International Manager Modes.

Currently the latter is only a bonus that has no context within your season. There’s no conflict of interest for players, no media scrutiny and your international achievements don’t even get logged on your season review.


Another top-request fan feature for FIFA 17 is to have better training options – not just those arcade-like loading screens. You could have options to take training sessions that affect your player stats depending on their performance, rather than just having to click a ton of tick boxes.

One fan even went as far as to say that EA Sports could sign a deal with FA Learning, so that the training could follow the same real-world training games and sessions as the professionals.

Kids playing FIFA 17 may then learn about coaching and drills too.

You can’t deny that footballers’ tattoos are practically part of the football uniforms now, but players are almost baby-skinned in the latest FIFA games.

NBA 2K games embraced player ink in all their glory. It’s about time FIFA was a bit less prudish.

And of course, what would football be without a bit of drama? Could EA Sports take it all a step further and infuse the football sim with some real-world drama?

Serious injuries? Pitch invasions? Protests? Player scandals? Poor attendance for bottom of the league matches? Football really is a bit of a soap opera.

You could even have objects interrupt play. Fans, balloons, a stray cat, or even a streaker? That’s true to life right?


Are You Lazy When it Comes to Gaming?

According to Google, laziness is defined as: The quality of being unwilling to work or use energy.


We gamers get this a lot from everyone around us, “You are lazy!”, “You don’t do any chore of the house!” and a lot of other sorts of scrutiny from people around us. But it’s nature’s rule to always go towards maximum potential energy and minimum kinetic energy. And so shrugging all that aside we still keep on playing games because they bring us joy. However, we gamers can also be lazy, uhh… in terms of gaming as well. This laziness can be seen in a variety of ways, but only a fellow gamer would be able to recognize it. For the uninitiated it will still remain a generic gaming session with a dosage of sarcastic comments.

“You’re still stuck on this level? It’s been over a month since I last asked. I’ve almost finished the game and you are still stuck here?”- I’ve been on both ends of this statement plenty of times. It is one of the most common dialogue, all gamers who are into story driven games say. By personal experience, this generally happens either when you are not able to do a particular thing the game asks of you or if you’re just too lazy to go ahead in the game or it may also happen when the game is so bad that you don’t feel like playing the game (In this case your mate won’t say anything to you).

Another instance is when you’re trying to be better at a game like FIFA. At first you have all the enthusiasm in the world and a will to become a better player- “I wanna become like…”, or something on the same lines. Then you become better than all the people around you (Admit it, most of us play the pirated version first). Then you go ahead, buy the game, install it and start playing online, and you get your ass handed to you. So you become lazy thinking that you can never become a player like them and instead of watching pro-players play the game online, you go back to playing with your friends or start playing some other games.

The next form of laziness is very commonplace. “I’ll not play this game (Generally referring to Dark Souls) because it’s very tough”. I’m not saying all people say this because they are lazy. Now, if a person is a gamer for a hobby, and sees a hectic schedule almost daily, he/she wouldn’t want to come home and play a game that has a steep learning curve Or maybe they have just moved on, like Ayush did. But many gamers just don’t want to put in the effort, simply because of some biased hypothetical condition. It’s sad to see how people’s opinions affect other people so much.

Another prominent form of laziness is when you are trying to reach for the remote/controller. Yeah, I’m one of those lazy people who cannot get up from their seat to get a controller. I can’t even remember the number of tries I’ve tried fixing my controller with a tape, just becaue my budget didn’t allow for a new controller.

There can be many more ways in which a gamer can be lazy, but these were just the ones we were not lazy enough to think of. Are you lazy when it comes to gaming?


Rumours: FIFA 17 may Include a New Story Mode – Like Myplayer Mode in NBA 2K

The FIFA series is one of the most popular video games and is released annually. EA released FIFA 16 in September 2015. The FIFA 17 may be released in September this year. But there has not been anything new in the game from the time of the introducing Ultimate Team some years ago.


If the rumours are to be believed, FIFA 17 could include a new story mode much like NBA 2K that has MyPlayer mode, which allows the players to be part of a story of being a professional athlete in the video game, Attack of the Fanboy reported.

It was pointed out that the rumour arose from the possible hinting by EA itself, which put out a job listing for a FIFA – Cinematic Designer.

The description for the Cinematic Designer read, “The Cinematic Designer has a background in film and animation and has an eye for quality storytelling. They know how to make a scene feel tense, triumphant, harrowing, etc, just by selecting the right angle and lens. They can recognize the subtle movements that make a character look realistic and believable and strive to capture that in the animation.”

Though there is a possibility that this may only refer to replays, cutaways and so on. There is nothing in the description that indicates a story mode. However, it will be interesting to see if EA will add this mode in FIFA 17.

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FIFA 16 Review: Top Burnley Players

Every season EA Sports will release the current iteration of their highly-successful FIFA series.

Every release brings a whir of excitement as fans strip the shelves clean, get tucked into the “Auction House” and get opening packs of cards hoping to uncover a mega-rare Ultra Leo Messi with diamond-encrusted sides…well something like that anyway.

Some fans of the game get busy arranging their Ultimate Team to what their club side currently has on its roster, arranging their very own version of their team on their console.

Here are the top Burnley players on FIFA16 and just how their season has panned out this year.






EA CEO Teased Some FIFA 17 Details

EA have not officially revealed the FIFA 17 details, but FIFA 17 will take a “major leap forward in personalization, immersion and competition”, CEO Andrew Wilson has said.


Wilson teased this year’s game during EA’s Q4 earnings call last night, explaining that FIFA 17, Madden NFL 17 and NHL 17, will each take steps forward in the three areas, and confirming that they’re all due to arrive during the firm’s second quarter, which runs between July-September.

As with earlier games in the series, you should probably expect FIFA 17 to release somewhere in September. All three will likely make an appearance at EA’s Play event next month.

We expect that EA will announce FIFA 17 soon, likely kick off a cover vote and start bringing attention to the game ahead of a special event in June. A reveal date for FIFA 17 is still somewhat of a mystery, though. The first details on last year’s game were revealed on May 28, 2015, meaning you should probably expect something fairly soon.

The game will likely be shown at EA’s E3 event EA Play next month, too.


Liverpool Fc Officially Launch New 2016/17 Home Kit on FIFA 17

If you love to play as Liverpool FC on FIFA 16, then we have some good news for you. Liverpool have unveiled their new home strip for the 2016-17 season – a red and gold design which Jurgen Klopp says looks “spectacular”.


The real design has finally been unveiled after weeks of leaks and speculation. Of course, it’s also the kit which EA will put into FIFA 17 since they have the official license to use all home kits for every club for next season.

The shirt, made by company New Balance and sponsored by Standard Chartered, is entirely the club’s familiar shade of red with gold logos, and gold trim around a two-button collar. The kit, which will hopefully be worn in the Champions League next season if the Reds win next week’s Europa League final, has a yellow/gold effect trim and detail on the badge and logos.

Take a look at it close up below, which sports a new red and yellow theme with collarless design and a single button:


We are still waiting to see the new Liverpool FC 2016/17 away kit on FIFA 17, but this should be a nice heads-up for you. EA should also be putting a brand new Jurgen Klopp manager card in FIFA 17 as well which should make a lot of you happy – it’s still inexcusable that this didn’t come mid-season in FIFA 16 though.


Will the Champions Leicester City Boosts in FIFA 17?

Leicester City lifted their first Premier League Trophy on Saturday, a minor trend started on Twitter questioning Leicester City’s place in FIFA 17 game. This has raised some serious questions over EA Sports who previously had the 2015-16 Champions rated only 3.5 stars.


Before the season began, the betting odds that Leicester to win the title was around 5000/1, but the impossible happened. The fairy tale for the underdogs came true.

The team has shown real talent this season, which cannot and should not go unappreciated. The team played fair and the main men, Vardy, Mahrez and Ranieri need stats change in the video game simulation.


What can we expect from EA Sports?

Back in 2013/14 season Atletico Madrid won the La Liga title beating the top Real and Barca. In FIFA 14, the players had a substantial increase in their stats. Their main man, Costa, had a +6 stats increase in the game. Their 4 star was turned into a 5 star team.

We can expect such stats boost from the EA for Leicester City in FIFA 17. The signs are good for Leicester to get a substantial upgrade for FIFA 17. We’ll know soon enough, but expect updates to take them down a peg or two if Ranieri is correct and they are just a temporary flash in the pan.