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Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in the United States. Retailers open their shops very early and offer amazing promotions and sales for their customers. EA release a variety of Happy Hour Pack Offers in the store for FIFA Black Friday! These offers include all day promotional packs and Lightning Rounds. Lightning Rounds are very quick pack offers (available in limited quantities, first come first served) and are usually available throughout the day every three hours on the hour. Two weeks prior to this the FIFA Ultimate Team transfer market usually starts experiences a market crash as the supply of players hugely increases due to FUT United. This is the result of a huge number of pack openings. Sell your players prior to FUT United.

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FIFA 17 Title Update 2 Now Available On PC

FIFA 17 update on PC today with Title Update 2 now are available to download. This will be arriving on PS4 and Xbox One next week with FIFA 17 1.03. Here’s the fix list:

Visual / Presentation:

  • Several new or updated player faces rendered for accurate character likeness.
  • General overlay adjustments.
  • Addressed frame-rate issue during pre-match skill game.
  • Addressed an issue where the selected kit isn’t the one used in-game.
  • Spanish crowds now use the authentic audio when reacting to a goal.
  • Black custom kits no longer clash with referee kits.

The Journey:

  • Localized audio and character speech for the following: German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Mexican Spanish.
  • Various presentation improvements.

Pro Clubs:

  • The flair trait is now available for all Pros.
  • Carrying over your Virtual Pro from FIFA 16 now correctly unlocks all passive traits.
  • An issue where players could receive excessive skill points.

Ultimate Team:

  • General stability fixes in FIFA Ultimate Team and other online game modes.

The Journey Updates: Alex Hunter Becomes the Rising Star

Just over one month ago, Alex Hunter burst onto the scene as the Premier League’s next rising star in the brand new mode for EA SPORTS? FIFA 17. An upcoming title update for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, will bring language support to The Journey for an additional five languages. Currently only available in English, soon you will be able to play in German, French, Spanish, Mexican Spanish and Italian, all complete with full audio localisation and subtitle support.

So that’s fantastic news for players that would rather experience The Journey in their native language and could possibly, possibly be the first hint that Alex Hunter (or whoever the star of whatever The Journey becomes in FIFA 18) might be able to play outside the Premier League next year. Who knows.

The update is marked as being available “this holiday season” which is obviously pretty vague, but it’s good to see EA adding further support for other languages and opening the mode up to a wealth of people, that are unable to speak English, so that they can enjoy it too.

fifa-17-alex-hunterThe announcement also comes with some stats from the first month of The Journey. 124M matches played since launch, that’s 4.2M per day, with a total of 164M goals. 18.4% of players chose to place Hunter at Manchester United, with Liverpool second at 11.3%, Leicester third with 11.%, then Arsenal, 9.7% and in fifth, West Ham with 7.9%.

Newcastle has been the most common loan destination, the average match rating achieved is 8, with Hunter claiming 1.1M FA Cup wins and sealing up the Premier League title 659,000 times. That’s only slightly less than Sir Alex Ferguson.

FIFA 17 Movember Event: Movember Cards,SBC Kits and More

EA SPORTS have once again partnered with the Movember foundation to help raise awareness for men’s health throughout the entire month of November! During the FIFA 17 Movember Event, it offers multiple pack offers on the FUT store, themed cards and kits, new squad building challenges and a few other surprises.

Movember Cards

From Nov 1st to Nov 30th, 24 stat upgrades Movember players are shown in the picture below:


Movember Squad Building Challenges

Special Movember themed Squad Building Challenges will feature throughout the month with awesome prizes, like the Movember kit. Designed by FIFA community designer Emilio Sansollini, the Movember kit can be claimed by completing the Movember SBC.


The FIFA Community is also getting involved! And we’re sure that you’ll see a bunch of FIFA 17 pack offers throughout the November. We’ll update once it confirmed.


FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream Boost Becomes Available

FIFA 17 gives you the opportunity to participate in the FUT mode at Halloween. You can get special cards that will get even better in the creepy season. Make real monsters out of your stars in FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream. Now the Ultimate Scream boost becomes available at 7pm on 28th October UK time.

From October 21 to October 28, you have the chance to get the Ultimate Scream cards from the FUT sets. These are for the time being improved players compared to their normal values. Whoever thinks the time is almost over, let it be said that the horror is just beginning!

If you have collected some of these cards, you can look forward to even better players starting at 7pm on 28th October. The boosts are not to be underestimated. Thomas Müller rises in his monster version from a player’s value from 88 to 96. So he is the Obermonster and the horror players!

After the Halloween weekend, all of these cards unfortunately fall back to their previous value. This is, however, to cope with, since they are still top players, which have very good values.

In addition to the cards you can get a lot more. In addition to the cards, you can also secure your own Ultimate Scream jersey. Your team can then chase as a skeletal team across the square. There are also special Squad Building Challenges through November 7th, giving you special rewards. Start your Ultimate Scream Weekend Now!


FIFA 17 Halloween Event and Ultimate Scream FAQ

FIFA 17 is getting in on the Halloween theme with an Ultimate Scream FUT event, launching today. From today, twenty three players (here’s the list) in the’Scream Team’will show up in FUT packs.

They’re unique items with upgraded ratings and special card designs, but come Halloween itself they’ll transform into something even more horrifying. Well,’horrifying’if you’re playing against them. Between 28 October and 1 November (10am Pacific), all of the Ultimate Scream players will get temporary stat boosts.


In addition, between 21 October and 7 November, FIFA 17 will be running some special FUT squad building challenges, “featuring unique themed rewards including an Ultimate Scream themed kit and several position change versions of select Ultimate Scream players.”

Ultimate Scream FAQ

Q: What makes Ultimate Scream items special?

A: Each Ultimate Scream player comes on a unique item design and an upgraded rating upon release. During the Halloween period, the additional temporary boost takes Scream Team players from scary to utterly terrifying. Continue to play with them and/or use them to complete themed Ultimate Scream Squad Building Challenges, which will run from Oct 21 through Nov 7 for themed rewards.

Q: How long are Ultimate Scream players in packs for?

A: All 23 Ultimate Scream players are in packs with initial upgraded ratings from Oct 21st 10am PDT – Oct 28th 10am PDT.

Q: How does the Temporary Boost work?

A: All 23 Ultimate Scream players will automatically receive terrifying temporary stats boosts from Oct 28th 10am PDT – Nov 1st 10am PDT. For example, Hector Bellerin will be released as an 80 OVR rated Ultimate Scream item, available in packs from Oct 21 to Oct 28. This item will be temporarily boosted to a 90 OVR rating during the Halloween period. When the period ends, the item goes back down to its original initially upgraded 80 OVR Ultimate Scream rating.

Q: Are Ultimate Scream Players tradeable?

A: Yes. You can list the 23 Ultimate Scream players on the transfer market from Oct 21 onwards. When they receive their temporary boosts over the Halloween period, you can still trade them but beware, they will return back to their original initial upgraded rating on Nov 1st 10am PDT.

Q: Can I use Ultimate Scream players in FUT Champions and the Weekend League?

A: Yes. You can use Ultimate Scream players in FUT Champions and the Weekend League. When they receive their temporary boosts over the Halloween Weekend, you can still use them but beware, they will return back to their original initial upgraded rating on Nov 1st 10am PDT.

Q: What happens to Ultimate Scream items after Halloween?

A: On Nov 1st 10am PDT, the Ultimate Scream items will return to their initial upgraded rating. For example, Payet’s Ultimate Scream item is an 87 OVR, and during Halloween weekend he will get a temporary boost to 95 OVR. When the weekend ends, he permanently goes back to his Ultimate Scream rating of 87 OVR.

Q: What is the criteria for picking Ultimate Scream players?

A: The Ultimate Scream Team is a curated list of 23 players who have been chosen based on exceptional real world performances, records and FUT attributes.


FIFA 17 First Update Brings Better Game Experience

EA Sports will release the first title update for FIFA 17 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this week. The update makes a number of gameplay changes and fixes. One of the problems the update addresses is an issue where players would sometimes overrun the ball after a skill move. Additionally, the cut scene for “contentious fouls” can now be skipped.

The FIFA 17 patch also increases the likelihood of making an error on a triple-tap ground cross, while the “general responsiveness” of shooting has been improved.


This new patch also makes a number of visual changes, one of which is fixing an issue involving frame rate during the pre-match skill game. There is also a fix for an issue where the fog from a player’s breath during cold matches “was detached from their position.” Additionally, new components of the 2016/2017 Premiere League broadcast package have been added. We belive it will bring better game experience for players. You can see the full list of FIFA 17 first update patch notes below:


  • A situation where cancel was unresponsive after requesting a clearance.
  • A rare situation where the penalty shootout should have ended earlier.
  • Increased the CPU AI tendency to attack directly.
  • An issue where players sometimes overrun the ball after a skill move.
  • Increased the chance of error from ground crosses (triple tap).
  • Improvements to ball physics where shots off the goal posts lose too much speed.
  • Goalkeeper positioning for corner kicks.
  • Improvements made to player switching from corners and free kicks.
  • An issue where the player would control the ball instead of attempting a clearance.
  • Improvements to contested headers logic from corner kicks.
  • General fixes for player controlled celebrations.
  • Cut scene for contentious fouls can now be skipped.
  • Improved the general responsiveness of shooting.
  • Minor improvement to passing responsiveness when the ball is in the air.

Pro Clubs:

  • Increased experience required for the higher overall ratings in Pro Clubs.*
  • Addressed an issue where a player’s customized facial features did not display properly in game.

Ultimate Team:

  • FUT Single Player difficulty no longer defaults to your CPU setting.
  • Addressed an issue where the player is forced to substitute an injured player in FUT online matches.
  • Corrected the shooting and crossing text in custom tactics

Career Mode:

  • Addressed a situation where the CPU AI would frequently leave star players on the bench.

Visual Changes:

  • Added new components of the 2016/17 Premier League broadcast package.
  • Updated team kits, banners and flags for Velez Sarsfield and Tigre.
  • The goalkeeper now correctly celebrates after catching the final penalty in a shootout.
  • Addressed an issue where the selected kit isn’t the one used in-game.
  • Addressed frame rate issue during pre-match skill game.
  • Addressed an issue where the fog from a player’s breath was detached from their position.
    General overlay fixes.

*As a result of the change to Pro Clubs, some of you may find you’re a lower OVR than before the update. This is intentional and you haven’t lost any of your progress.

fifa 17 top 10 best goals

Top 10 Best Goals in FIFA 17

In this article, let’s check the top 10 best goals in FIFA 17 video (the video will be shared at the bottom of article).

1. Extreme angle

Bayern have a corner in the seventh minute, which Douglas Costa plays short towards the near post, receiving it straight back from Lewandowski. Still way out near the corner flag, Costa tees the ball up for himself with one foot and volleys it with the other, somehow, into the far corner past Juve’s diving keeper. The goal is almost as majestic as the celebration, which sees Costa, er, lie awkwardly and dead still on the floor with a look of terror in his eyes.

2. Supersonic shooting

It’s goal number eight from the same compilation, at 1.18. Man City against Juventus. Toure plays a deft one-two before stealing a shot from edge of box, which deflects off a defender and loops straight upwards. The keeper runs out and punches away towards the centre circle.

3. Defenders in knots

Sergio Agüero has the skills to pay the bills. Even the most extortionate ones. If he received, say, a gas bill in the billions, he’d be able to settle it in seconds with a silky dribble or cheeky nutmeg. Those skills are demonstrated here in all their glory as Man City play Juventus.

4. Bale blasts it

One thing you discover trawling the web for the best strikes is that a lot of goals that are titled “wonder goal!” turn out to be just “goal”. But not this one from Gareth Bale, a hidden gem only watched a paltry 14 times at time of writing – a crime.

5. 1000mph Bicycle Kick

Playing in an Ultimate Team match, the ball is crossed into the edge of the box, where Neymar jumps to meet it, overhead kicking with such force that the ball seems to be in the back of the net around the same time he’s landing on his backside. He celebrates by doing that thing where you walk in a circle while lying on the floor, which really is the icing on a spectacular cake.

6. In-Sane Curler

Man City’s blockbuster summer signing, German winger Leroy Sane, seems to move at a speed 1.5 times faster than anyone else on the pitch, as he spins a defender over on the far right, before cutting back in towards the edge of the box and hitting a sublime left-footed curler towards the goal.

7. The Inevitable Ronaldo One

It wouldn’t be a best goals list without one from the shy and retiring genius, Cristiano Ronaldo. The best free kick in this free kick compilation belongs to Real Madrid’s number 7 and can be found at 1:56. Standing as straight and stiff as a Subbuteo player, he composes himself in front of the Man Utd three-man wall. With just a three-step run up, from 30 yards out, he executes his trademark off-the-laces punt, sending the ball up and over the wall then sharply back down past the keeper, who seems to dive a mile backwards.

8. Curve Ball

This goal at 0:26 is best enjoyed in the replay from 0:54. Against fierce rivals Liverpool, Everton’s Seamus Coleman passes to fellow Irishman Darron Gibson, only for the midfielder to lash it with the outside of his left foot, causing the ball to bend away from the keeper in a very pleasing manner. He then runs with his arms outstretched, towards delighted manager Ronald Koeman, in the longest build up to a hug ever.

9. Keeper vs Keeper

This goal is presented from three angles, but it’s perhaps the one starting at 36 seconds that displays it best.

10. Chip and Win

This is the type of goal you’d score more of if you didn’t panic and accidentally press square, causing the player to gently lob the ball backwards the length of the pitch, eventually bouncing sadly into the crowd. Man Utd’s veteran number 10, Wayne Rooney, feeds a delightful pass through Chelsea’s entire back four, perfectly weighted to ease into the stride of FIFA 17’s own Alex Hunter, a rookie star in the making that’s yours to mould and guide through a career. With his first touch, Mr Hunter sublimely chips it over the keeper.

Here is a video uploaded by Zan Omg.

fifa mobile

FIFA Mobile 2017 Edition Release Details

FIFA Mobile now is released by EA, allowing avid football fans to play FIFA on the go. This time, there are updates in FIFA Mobile. Here we’ll let you know the details of the updated FIFA Mobile.

FIFA Mobile contains 30 leagues, with 650 clubs and over 16,000 footballers. The download size is less than 100 MB. This app is available on IOS, Android, and Windows Phone. There are three new features, all exclusive to the mobile version.

Attack Mode: a new turn-based, asynchronous multiplayer mode which is all about, well, attacking. You’ll be given a bunch of scenarios in which to score from, and ultimately out-score the opponent. The more you score, the more you get in-game “fans” which lets you climb divisions.

Leagues: allowing you to create or join a league with up to 32 players. You will be able to complete “cooperative league achievements, compete for bragging rights in inter- league championships, and challenge other Leagues in FIFA Mobile tournaments”.

Plans: this feature allows you to shed the items you don’t want for in-game rewards. It’s intended to simplify the crafting of extensive squads.

Ultimate Team mode is getting an overhaul of sorts, too. EA Sports is dropping contracts, training items and other consumables in favour of simple squad building. You can have a total of 27 players in multiple formations and tactics, and switch between those as you like.

The game will be continuously updated with new content that reflects events happening in the real world of football, EA Sports said. By the way, you can download FIFA Mobile for free on Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

fifa 17 fut champions

FIFA 17 FUT Champions Week 1

FUT Champions is a new mode for FUT 17 is aimed at grabbing the attention of the more competetive FUT players.

You can now compete in daily knockout tournaments which along with bringing their own rewards, will earn you entry into the weekend league. To keep things interesting, the daily tournaments will feature unique entry requirements as well as different rewards. The daily knockout tournaments will run Monday through Thursday, with the Weekend League running across Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you only need to win one of the daily tournaments across the week to earn entry at the weekend.

The long and short of it is you try to win as many games as you can with a maximum of 40 playable games each weekend and you get better rewards the more games you win. However, one of the most interesting aspects of FUT Champions culminated in the first weekend league closing last night, where social media was awash with commentary, final standings, opinions and images of broken controllers and furniture a plenty which certainly made for interesting viewing if you’re a neutral.

So as you can see, it wasn’t going all that well for some of YouTube and Twitch’s finest, but there were some success stories to be found among FIFA’s pro gamer population, for which FUT Champions is in essence the ultimate proving ground for the FIWC and other localised tournaments which pop-up throughout the year. Some truly incredible performances there, but also one with quite a few complaints too.

It’s the first time that FUT Champions provided a credible and compelling outlet for truly competitive online play in FIFA 17. And with worthwhile rewards on offer at every turn, it has significant pulling power to boot. But the big questions for me is, in the long term will FUT Champions be too damn stressful.