Liverpool Fc Officially Launch New 2016/17 Home Kit on FIFA 17

If you love to play as Liverpool FC on FIFA 16, then we have some good news for you. Liverpool have unveiled their new home strip for the 2016-17 season – a red and gold design which Jurgen Klopp says looks “spectacular”.


The real design has finally been unveiled after weeks of leaks and speculation. Of course, it’s also the kit which EA will put into FIFA 17 since they have the official license to use all home kits for every club for next season.

The shirt, made by company New Balance and sponsored by Standard Chartered, is entirely the club’s familiar shade of red with gold logos, and gold trim around a two-button collar. The kit, which will hopefully be worn in the Champions League next season if the Reds win next week’s Europa League final, has a yellow/gold effect trim and detail on the badge and logos.

Take a look at it close up below, which sports a new red and yellow theme with collarless design and a single button:


We are still waiting to see the new Liverpool FC 2016/17 away kit on FIFA 17, but this should be a nice heads-up for you. EA should also be putting a brand new Jurgen Klopp manager card in FIFA 17 as well which should make a lot of you happy – it’s still inexcusable that this didn’t come mid-season in FIFA 16 though.


New Skiller’s Career Mode will be in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 is only but five several weeks away, yet rumours and confirmed functions are beginning to percolate across public media. With wishes of improving above Konami’s PES 2016, EA Activities looks to your website series of highly effective action changes as well as incorporating new categories and categories.

So far, we can confirm the addition of the Norway women’s international team, but we are yet to learn of any further expansion. There is a heated battle for the new league and the Chinese Super League may be on the verge of joining the FIFA catalogue with notable high profile stars.

Lokelani, a Youtube FIFA faithful, created a rather interesting view and suggested addition for FIFA 17. In his 7 minute video, Lokelani discusses the potential for adding a “Skiller’s Journey Career Mode.” Many of us are avid supporter of the 5-star skill players such as Neymar, Ribery, etc. The video chronicles challenges and wonder goals for players who utilize skills to the utmost degree.

Though not far reaching, it would be great to isolate a game mode that appreciates “skill moves” in all its glory.

Now enjoy the video below about the skiller’s journey complete:


FIFA 17 Will not be in PlayStation VR

Are you excited to play FIFA 17 in PlayStation VR? The latest Virtual Reality Headset will be released for the Sony PlayStation in 2016 which has risen the question of game compatibility and the number of games that will be offered in the PlayStation VR.


But, what we want to know is, if FIFA 17 or any FIFA games will be released in PlayStation VR?

Sony said that their main idea behind releasing the VR is that they could deliver a sense of presence in the game. This would be perfect for FIFA game because you would be able to meres into the game, it’s fans, the pressure and the overall excitement.

However, the technology behind developing such environment takes time and we believe that EA are not currently on the near side of them. The games that are now available on PS VR are mostly environmental simulation with lesser control over the overall gameplay but rather focuses on the virtual setting. FIFA games basically need overall control of the gameplay before a virtual reality version of the game could be made and that will certainly take a lot time.

We can expect to see FIFA 18 in PlayStation VR.


Isreal: the League FIFA 17 Fans Want Most

Israel’s Premier League has overtaken the Turkish second division as the league football fans most want to see in FIFA 17.


It’s unlikely that the game’s makers, EA, will pay much attention to internet polls when planning FIFA 17, but given the fact that over 2 million people have taken the time to vote on the FIFPlay poll of leagues.

The poll indicates that the Israeli league is the most in demand, with over 400,000 votes. This is closely followed by Turkey’s second division and then the third tier of German football.


That clearly stirred fans of clubs such as Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel Be’er Sheva into action, with Israel storming into top spot on the back of an impressive 422,905 fan votes. German’s third division remains a distant third behind the Israeli-Turkish tussle.

EA is known for adding new leagues every year, with FIFA 16 boasting a colossal 34. Turkey’s top flight featured for the first time in FIFA 15, but decent Champions League showings by Maccabi Tel Aviv in recent years haven’t been enough to see Israeli teams included. This fan vote may finally change that.

FIFA 17 is expected on multiple formats later this year.

FIFA 17 Legends: Not on PS4?

With the FIFA 17 release date set for this Autumn, there is again going to be a heated debate on whether Legends will be on FIFA 17 for PS4.

Right now, the contract is still with Microsoft as an Xbox exclusive and rumors online suggest that this is only going to come to an end in 2017 – which means that Legends may not be on PS4 until FIFA 18 at the earliest.

With E3 2016 coming up though, EA are set to confirm this for fans one way or another. Should there be a big argument though to suggest that it’s time for EA to put Legends on PS4 for FIFA 17?


The general consensus socially is that there are more players playing FIFA 16 on PS4 compared to Xbox One despite Legends being exclusive.

However without any hard numbers to back this up, this argument is moot and another potential advantage on playing on Xbox is that transfer market prices are generally cheaper than PlayStation.

Put it this way PlayStation owners, if EA announce at E3 this Summer that Legends is exclusive again – will you be upset, or are you used to it by now?

Sony will need a lot of money to change the deal over to PlayStation, but should the social popularity factor from those who say people play FIFA 16 more on PS4 matter?