Top 10 Tips For FIFA 17 Career Mode

fifa 17 career mode

FIFA 17 Career Mode is so interesting and challenging that many players love it. However, many of them become frustrated as they don’t know how to manage players properly, which is important. For example, you need to train, promote and loan players at at the right time. Here we introduce you top 10 tips we summarized for FIFA 17 Career Mode to help you manage your players.

1. Always train a youth academy goal keeper even if you find one with poor potential since it’s an incredibly easy way to make money.

2. In regards to the question about youth academy objectives, if you have a growth objective the player must grow in the youth academy before being promoted (e.g Grow 2 youth academy players by 10 points and play them in 5 or 10 matches.).

3. Never train a player younger than 18 and over 60 rated regardless of potential, because they will still grow physically just later in there careers.

4. In conjunction with tip 4, don’t promote players till they are 17. This will allow both there physicals to grow and their potential can change as well (I have had players go from 82-88 potential to 90-94 potential doing this.)

5. If you have a great talent who is 17 but under 60, keep them in the youth academy and train them as not only does the youth academy not have a growth cap for players it also allows you to change there potential.

6. This ones just a personal thing but use the loan glitch to reward players you want to see well. (e.g a young academy player with great wf/skills and workrates but poor potential)

7. The loan glitch works as follows: Let’s say you have John Smith and John has 75 potential and is 60 rated or higher. If you short loan him and recall him he will only go up a maximum of 3 potential ratings, you will need to potentially loan glitch him 5 times to get Has potential to be special (there also is no time limit on when you recall them anymore you can do it on the same day or months later and it will still work.).

8. The easiest money you will ever make is from training free agents goal keepers and youth goal keepers as potential really doesn’t matter with them. It is possible to train them to 80 within a season and make a huge profit.

9. If you find yourself bored of career modes sim the first season, you won’t get sacked and your players will grow dramatically well naturally as well as populating the regens, pregens and free agents. I sometimes sim 2 seasons for added affect.

10. Try a youth only career mode because they’re incredibly rewarding and addictive. I’ve done plenty with teams like Limerick in League 2 and even my toughest one where I took Galway United to the premier league, calendar glitches to populate my scout reports and sold all my real players within a season. Using the goalkeeper trick I was able to make £40m in one window selling keepers.

I hope these tips can help you a lot to lift your performance in FIFA 17 Career Mode. If you have any idea to add please don’t hesitate to leave your comment to share with us. Enjoy the game.

About League in FIFA Mobile

League in FIFA Mobile

Joining a league is a good choice in FIFA Mobile. By joining a league, you can playing, communicating and sharing information and tips with other players, which will bring you many benefits. As a member of a league, you can unlock four special players, which you can only get as a part of a league. Some leagues have a chat of some sort outside of the in game chat, so you may be added to this. It can be very helpful to organize things and share tips with fellow members, as the in game chat is pretty bad. Here is some guides for you if you are planing to join a league.

You do not need to be a member of a league to play the game, but it definitely boosts your experience of the game and makes it far more enjoyable.

First, to join a League, you must first Apply. Tap the Apply button on the League tile to start the process. Once you do, the League Owner will receive your Application. You’ll receive a message if you have been accepted. You can also find a league by posting on a site such as the FUT Mobile Reddit or Futhead. There are always posts on both sites looking for new members to join a league, so you should have an easy way in that way. Many existing leagues set minimum requirements for goal scoring and team overall, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get accepted into a league straight away. In addition, The admins of a league have the ability to accept people into a league, but they also have the power to kick/remove people. This happens without you being notified, so if you go on and are out of a league then this has sadly happened to you.

You’re able to create a League once you have reached Level 5 but this cost 5000 coins. To do so, tap the create League button. You can set everything from your League’s icon to the difficulty of intra-League play. You can edit all settings through your League settings.

You also should know some things after joining a league. If a League member becomes abusive, you can report them by tapping on the offensive message REPORT ABUSE inside the Chat Window and selecting report. You can also report offensive League descriptions by tapping the report button on the CANCEL SEND back of the League title.

Whenever a League member purchases FIFA Points the whole League benefits. By purchasing Points while being a member of a League, the other League members will receive a gift. Gift values range with the amount of FIFA Points purchased. You can also earn a Badge for being a contributor to your League.

You and other League members will be able to Chat with each other in real time. Tap text box to start typing. You can also mute League members by tapping on their messages and selecting mute. To unmute a member, go to your League settings and unmute them (Gear Button).

FIFA Mobile League Leaderboards Leader Boards. View your League Leaderboard provides a nice way to view who is best within different areas. You can sort the Leaderboard by Leaders (Attack Mode play), Most Fans, Highest Player Level and Team OVR.

You can challenge any League members to a match by tapping on them and selecting play. You’ll be able to review previous turns and track your record against them. These matches do not determine your internal League Leaderboard placement. League Championships will determine League Ranking.

How to Play FIFA 17 New Story Mode – The Journey

FIFA 17’s new story mode, dubbed The Journey, is without doubt the game’s biggest addition this year. It tells the story of Alex Hunter, a young aspiring football player who is following the path of his grandfather and father. The Journey allows you to control 17-year-old Alex Hunter, guiding his options on and off the field. Following tips will get you in the right footing at the beginning in The Journey.

Choose Your Position

When the FIFA 17 demo first came out, many gamers were led to believe that Alex Hunter was going to be fixed as an out and out striker. That’s proved to be not quite true. You get the choice of what position Alex Hunter will play. This will be attacking midfielder, right wing, left wing or striker. Think about the club you are wanting to play for, and identify which is their weakest position.

Start Your Career in Top Clubs

The Journey-clubs

Perhaps the most unrealistic part of The Journey comes pretty much straight away. After a strong exit-trial performance, every single Premier League club wants to sign you. Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, The Manchester Clubs. All six teams have inbuilt intrigue and enough IRL rivalries for The Journey’s odd “Football by way of Hollyoaks” storytelling to make sense. Choose a top team to join in.

Take Your Training Seriously

You don’t become a great on the pitch by shirking the work off it. Training directly affects Hunter’s in-game stats and the chances of him making the first team, so we advise you don’t simulate too many training sessions. As a rule, do the stuff you’re normally quite good at in the skill rooms, and then on top of that, practise the new set pieces manually (especially penalties, you need to get to grips with FIFA 17’s new system).


In addition to training boosts, eventually Hunter can earn skill points to top certain stats. This is especially important because once you complete The Journey big spoiler incoming, you earn a FUT version of Alex Hunter that you can continue using in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Use Your Skill Points Wisely

Once again there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to skill points. Besides his natural growth, you can also increase Hunter’s overall rating by using skill points. As the young star improves, more skill points will come available. Be wary of the skills required for playing in your position, for instance if you are a striker you will want to improve the skills that improve his shooting. Pace is always important regardless of position, but perhaps stay away from the long throw and free-kick stats as they will be rarely be used in game, and will have little or no impact on your overall rating.

Do you have any different ideas to play the journey? Welcome to share you thoughts in comments below.


FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC – Day7 and Day8

Keep going on the FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC Day7(December 22nd) and Day8(December 23rd). Completing the daily FUTmas SBC and win the mystery packs! Here we go.

Day 7 – December 22nd


FIFA 17 FUTMAS SBC – Nacer Chadli

Challenge Requirements
Min. Team Rating: 84
Min. 1 Players: Team of the Week + Movember
Min. Team Chemistry: 80
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Nacer Chadli


Challenge Requirements
Min. Team Rating: 85
Min. Team Chemistry: 75
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Isco

FIFA 17 FUTMAS SBC – Willian

Challenge Requirements
Min. Team Rating: 87
Min. 1 Players: Team of the Week
Min. Team Chemistry: 80
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Willian

Day 8 – December 23rd


FIFA 17 FUTMAS SBC – Artuto Vidal

Challenge Requirements
Exactly 11 Players from Bundesliga
Exactly 1 Players: Team of the Week
Exactly 10 Players: Rare
Exactly 1 Player from Chile
Min. Team Rating: 87
Min. Team Chemistry: 100
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Artuto Vidal

FIFA 17 FUTMAS SBC – Dani Alves

Challenge Requirements
Min. Team Rating: 86
Min. Team Chemistry: 75
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Dani Alves


Challenge Requirements
Min. Team Rating: 85
Min. Team Chemistry: 75
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Emre Can

Please note that all these SBC players are untradeable. Have you felt difficult to complete FUTmas SBC? Welcome to share your thoughts in comments below.


FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC – Day5 and Day6

Keep going on the FIFA 17 FUTmas SBC Day5(December 20th) and Day6(December 21st). Completing the daily FUTmas SBC and win the mystery packs! Here we go.

Day 5 – December 20th


FIFA 17 FUTMAS SBC – Layvin Kurzawa

Challenge Requirements
Exactly Gold Players
Exactly 10 Players: Rare
Exactly 1 Players: Team of the Week + Movember
Min. Team Chemistry: 75
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Layvin Kurzawa

FIFA 17 FUTMAS SBC – Juanfran

Challenge Requirements
Min. Team Rating: 84
Min. 2 Players: Team of the Week + Movember
Min. Team Chemistry: 75
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Juanfran

FIFA 17 FUTMAS SBC – Dele Alli

Challenge Requirements
Min. Team Rating: 85
Min. 1 Players: Ultimate SCREAM
Min. Team Chemistry: 75
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Dele Alli

Day 6 – December 21st


FIFA 17 FUTMAS SBC – Omer Toprak

Challenge Requirements
Min. Team Rating: 84
Min. 1 Players: Team of the Week + Movember
Min. Team Chemistry: 70
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Omer Toprak

FIFA 17 FUTMAS SBC – Paulo Dybala

Challenge Requirements
Min. Team Rating: 88
Min. 2 Players: Team of the Week
Exact Team Chemistry: 100
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Paulo Dybala

FIFA 17 FUTMAS SBC – Kevin Gameiro

Challenge Requirements
Min. Team Rating: 84
Min. 1 Players: Team of the Week
Min. Team Chemistry: 80
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Challenge Rewards
x1 Squad Building Challenge Kevin Gameiro

Please note that all these SBC players are untradeable. Have you completed the FUTmas SBC? Let us know in comments below.


FIFA 17 Defending Tips: How to Choose Defensive Formations

Defending is so important in FIFA 17. Use these defending tips to help you get better at defending and stop conceding as many goals.

Defending Controls

fifa 17-defending controls

Defensive Formations


It’s extremely useful, especially on FIFA 17. Use this formation as well as pressing left on your direction pad to make your team defensive what this will do is force your wing backs to hold their position and will encourage your midfield 3 to drop in to defensive midfield positions also.

We use this from time-to-time to close out games in the final 10/15 minutes. When you get the ball you have so many options because of how compact your team will be that keeping possession should also become easier and help you see out the game.


As with any 5 at the back formation you’re strengths are going to be a solid defensive set-up. This is probably one of the best counter attacking formation in the game. The reason for this is the 5 defenders allow for your midfielders to push on a support the front 3 and forget about their defensive responsibilities as such. The CF can work brilliantly by dropping into’the hole’behind the 2 STs which would hopefully see the defensive structure of the other team fragment a bit so you can then use the CFs passing ability to get one of your STs a good chance on goal.

This formation can leave you chasing the ball for the vast majority of the game if you come up against a good passing player. It is very weak against teams that pass about the midfield because you will likely be outnumbered 2 against 3 sometimes even against 4 or 5. If you aren’t comfortable soaking up pressure and like to be on the ball more than your opponent then avoid using this formation.

Hope the tips will gonna work for you guys.


FUT 17 Guide about Contracts and Player Loan

The most important FIFA 17 Ultimate Team cards are the players, and then the contracts. Don’t know how to renew contracts and use players on loan? In this guide, we’ll tell you just how you can do it.

Player Position Changes and Contracts

Ever player in FUT has a favorite position in which he’s most effective. You should, unsurprisingly, let him play on that position to get the most out of him. If you’re already got that position covered with another player, though, you can magically reprogram the newcomer using modification cards that you buy on the transfer market.

These allow you to change the favorite positions of your players. If the preferred position of your favorite player is already occupied, you can still use modification cards to give him a spot on your team. Keep your eyes peeled for the cards you need. In addition, each player will only be able to play for a certain number of games, as his contract will run out – you can check the duration of your players’ contract by using the right stick in the team line-up menu.

Every game reduces the duration of the contract by one. If no games remain, you need to use the right contract cards to renew your player’s contract. You find these cards in sets on the transfer market, too: there are separate contract cards for bronze, silver and gold levels.

These don’t differ too much in price on the transfer market. You can also buy gold contracts and use them for your bronze and silver players – the advantage of doing this is that the gold cards increase the contract duration much more than their bronze and silver counterparts.

If you’re looking for contract cards, it’s best not to scour the transfer market during prime time (that is to say, when everybody else is playing). Many players are online and will easily outbid you. It’s smarter to use the web app or companion app for FIFA 17 to keep an eye on the transfer market at quieter times.

If a player’s contract is coming to an end and you can’t (or won’t) renew it immediately, the best bet is to stick them on the reserve bench. This way you can save the best players for the most important matches – their contact duration will only reduce when they’re actually on the field. The same is true of substitutes – which means you should be careful when switching players out. Putting somebody into play at the 89th minute still counts as one game off their contract, and let’s be honest – they aren’t all that likely to turn the game around. Keep your eye on the long game, and don’t be tempted by a short-term boost that could do lasting damage to your team.

Get Cheap Boost from Players on Loan

For useful and cheap support in Ultimate Team you can rely on getting players on loan. They don’t cost you any coins, but you can only use them for a certain amount of time and you can’t renew their contracts – so save your players on loan for special occasions like important games in tournaments, during a season or online.

Once their contract is ended they’ll leave your team. You can get many players on loan as a reward, but some are only unlockable through EA Football Club. The higher your level in Football Club, the better the available players on loan.

However, their quality also influences the time you can borrow them for. The better the player on loan, the shorter the duration of his contract. And like all unlocks in Football Club you can only use them once, so you can’t recruit the same player on loan again and again.


Tips to Fix Common FIFA 17 Issues on Windows PCs

FIFA 17 is an impressive game that will definitely have you hooked you for hours in front of your computer screen. But as impressive as it is, playing FIFA 17 has been a bumpy ride for many Windows PC owners due to various issues. In this article, we will list solutions to common FIFA 17 issues on PC.

VC++ runtime error

Many gamers reported that the following error message appears during the installation process: “VC++ runtime redistributable package was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue.”

1.Go to Origin Games\FIFA 17\__Installer\vc\vc2012Update3\redist
2.Run the vcredist_x64.exe file
3.Immediately go back to your Origin Library and install the game.

Issues with saving the resolution option when starting the game

1.Go to: C:\Documents\FIFA 17, open the fifasetup.ini file
2.Add your customized resolution at the RESOLUTIONHEIGHT and RESOLUTIONWIDTH options
3.Save the file and go back to the game.

The game crashes when launched

1.Go to the Origin game library.
2.Right-click on the game and select Repair.

If you’re experiencing the issue on Windows 10, follow these steps:

1.Go to the FIFA 17.exe file > right click on it > select Properties.
2.Select the Compatibility tab > check the option “Compatibility Mode” > select Win7.

If your computer has two graphics cards, use this workaround:

1.Go to Control Panel and run your graphics card.
2.Go to Add > make profiles for fifaconfig.exe and fifa15.exe
3.Launch regedit > change the value of the following two keys from 1 to 0

Fix graphics issues

1.Update your graphics drivers.
2.Turn down shadows and adjust graphics settings.
3.Disable third party background apps and then set FIFA 17 in High Priority in Task Manager.
4.If your computer is equipped with a Nvidia GPU, go to Settings and set Power Management Mode to Maximum Performance.

Let’s hope EA reacts as promptly as it did last year and releases a fix for FIFA 17 as soon as possible.

fifa 17 mobile tips to build the ultimate team

FIFA 17 Mobile Tips to Build the Ultimate Team

FIFA 17 Mobile is out and also brings some new features. You probably have trouble in it, so here are tips to help you.

1. Use Attack Mode

This game mode allows you to play against players all around the world in turn based systems. Each match has four turns and even if the players you challenge may not respond, you still get a lot in terms of rewards and especially fans. Fans are rewarded for your in-game performance, so even if you lose but you score a ton of goals, you still have a lot to win. The Attack Mode is fast, requires just 1 energy per turn and it’s extremely rewarding in terms of coins and fans.

2. Consider the tactic

In FIFA Mobile 17 you need to have all the possible positions filled, so you need a total of 27 players. Focus on building a strong team based on a formation you like playing, and always use that formation/tactic in all your matches. This way, you will win more games and it will be easier for you to build a perfect team than if you would try to build a legendary one for 27 positions.

3. Find suitable control method

You can pass the ball around and shoot it by swiping your finger on the screen and in some occasions that might work better. Try playing with the virtual joystick or the touch controls (or a bit of both) and see which one works best for you. Try them out and see what works for you.

4. Get best players from the market

You can get some really high rating players (70 and above) for as low as 800 Coins. All you have to do is to set your search filters to show only players with a rating of over 70 that have a Buy Now price of 1,000 or up to 1,500. Keep refreshing that and you will get your players quickly.

By the way, you shall keep an eye on the Live Events. The Live Events are amazing for getting a ton of coins in the game (especially with those First win rewards), and also for winning cards for plans and improving your game. And don’t forget the plans you have to complete.

fifa 17 free kick

How to Master at Taking Free Kicks in FIFA 17

By now you’re probably more than familiar with all the brand new features that have made FIFA 17 one good game. Set pieces are something that everyone wants to get right. So here are tips and tricks to help you master at taking free kicks in FIFA 17.

1. Dipped free kick

First up is the dipped free kick, which will see your player send his shot looping over the wall and back down again into the net. We have used Antoine Griezmann as our example set piece taker. If you want the shot to go straight, line him up directly behind the ball. When you’re ready, use between one and two bars of power, depending on how far out you are and hold the left analogue stick forward on both PS4 and Xbox. If done correctly you should beat the wall and keep the ball under the bar, away from the reach of the keeper.

2. Curled free kick

Here we take Dimitri Payet as an example, we then lined the wall up with the post positioned between the last two defenders (the same can be done in reverse for a left-footed free kick taker). And then once again used one to two bars of power – depending on distance – and pulled the left analogue stick left and down (right and down for a left-footed player on other side) on both PS4 and Xbox. If done correctly it should swerve around and just above the wall and hit the back of the net.

3. Under the wall

This free kick should be used sparingly because it can only work if the wall jumps, and there is no way of knowing whether it will. It should also only be used if you are very close to the goal. We have used Griezmann as our example set piece taker. If you’d rather keep things uniformed though, so you know your shot will go where you point, move your player so that he is standing directly behind the ball. Then when you’re ready, hold L1 on PS4 and LB on Xbox, push forward on the left analogue stick and use a small amount of power. If the wall jumps, the shot should go underneath it and take the keeper by surprise.

As you can see, we take players as examples to explain to you better. If you have any experience, let we know.