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10 Things Need to be Included in FIFA 17(Part Ⅰ)

In the previous articles, we have explained  the top 10 features the FIFA fans want to see this September. It’s almost 23 years since the FIFA series burst into our homes and started to wreck our social lives you know. We wouldn’t have it any other way though, would we?

You don’t need me to tell you that the series has come a long way from the days of FIFA International Soccer, but while the progression shown in various areas of the title has made it the undisputed King of football video games, it has also taken us in some unexpected directions that have proven to be game changers. I think I’m safe in saying nobody saw Ultimate Team coming and look at the behemoth that has gone on to become over the last few years.

We’re at the stage now where the majority of the basic features of a FIFA game are perfect, it’s all about the fine tuning and luxuries those boffins at EA Sports give us now.

As the years have gone on, the list of things us gamers have had to complain about the FIFA titles have dwindled as we’ve marvelled at the intricacies that have been given to us. That being said, as good as FIFAs 14, 15 and 16 were, they still aren’t the perfect game.

Here’s a BIG wishlist of 5 features that would make FIFA 17 the G.O.A.T!

10. An In-Game TV Channel

Martin Tyler

Sky Sports have been threatening to take over the FIFA franchise in recent years with the introduction of familiar faces like Martin Tyler, Alan Smith, Jeff Stelling and Geoff Shreeves. Why does’t FIFA go all the way and have an in-game TV channel, with cut scenes taking you into a match, providing quick analysis at half time, and showing the full highlights at full time.

Obviously, with the restrictions that come with pre-recording lines and whatnot, this could become very boring, very quickly. But surely there should be enough space to have a few different versions of Stelling presenting things to keep it relatively fresh.

The experience we get on a basic FIFA match day almost feels like the real life thing we see on television. This progressive step would blur the lines between the two even further.

9. More Realistic Time Wasting!

FIFA 17 realism

75 minutes, you’re playing the computer in career mode and you’re 1-0 down to a far weaker team. They head for the corner and you spend the next 15 minutes trying to get the ball back, but only manage to tackle it out of play a few times before the referee blows for full time.

Is there anything more frustrating than that? I have no problem with a couple of tackles going out of play as they do in real life, but I don’t see how the tiniest of strikers suddenly become Batista and manage to fend off the challenge of several beefy tackles.

A bit more realism here please, EA.

8. Real Life Managers

Arsene Wenger

Just one of those little things that sees a bee enter my bonnet, if you will…

I think we’ve come so far with FIFA that it’s time to see a few of the real life managers find a spot in the game. It’s just not good to be playing with Arsenal and seeing a couple of bald managers occupying the technical areas – neither of those could be Arsene Wenger!

You may feel this is an unnecessary luxury, but just having the biggest names in the game would just be better. There’s no other way to put it.

I look at this potential facet of the game like I did with the stadiums. We didn’t need to have them in the game, after all, all we see is grass and the first few rows of seats when we’re playing a game. But having every Premier League ground there to see is just better, and takes the game to the next level.

7. Updated Kits In Career Mode

FIFA kits

So you’re several years into a career mode and you’re bored of the way your team looks. You’ve had the same three kits to choose from for far too long and it’s time for a change.

How about then, at the start of each pre season, you have a number of new kit designs to choose from that are generated by the game itself. All you’d need to make sure is that the club badge and sponsors stay the same – you know, for all the legal issues and whatnot.

I know this may seem hard to do in practice, but it wouldn’t have to be anything radical. Just a slightly different look to the strip you wore the season before.

Let’s keep things fresh in FIFA 17.

6. Improve The Goalkeepers


I know there has been a marked improvement in the shot stopping abilities of the keepers over the last five or six FIFA titles, but there is still some way to go.

One on one, the keepers are great. Sometimes you think the ball is a magnet to their body/gloves. But you still get those moments when you know your number one should have saved a pretty tame shot.

The changes that need to be made to this area of the game aren’t wholesale, after all, we only had a new system given to us a couple of titles ago. We just need that bit more progression shown with how our keepers deal with certain things.

They just need to be better.

The other 5 things which need included in FIFA 17, we will explain them in next article.

5 Things EA Still Have Time to Implement in FIFA 17

1. Player searching on the transfer market

When I search a player on the market, I want all of his cards to appear. like this:

Player Name

I didn’t include his other informs cause I was lazy, but you get the idea.

2. Consumable searching on the market
When I search for squad fitness cards, I want to be able to filter the cards so I only see the squad fitness cards, and not the player fitness cards. This would save people so much time.

3. Player stats
I want to be able to see more than just games played, goals scored and assists. I want to see my player’s shot accuracy, pass accuracy, number of man of the matches, clean sheets, etc.

4. better rewards for division 1 titles
When I win division 1 multiple times, I want something more than fifa coins. Packs or draft tokens would be appreciated. the rewards should get better the more division 1 titles you win. You could also apply this to division 2 and division 3 but with smaller rewards. Not just fifa coins!

5. Savable team tactics
I want team tactics to be unique for each squad and savable. This would save the pain of checking your team tactics before every match you play.

FIFA 17 Wishlist

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Wishlist

I believe FIFA 16 has been a great game, but lots of new features can be added to the game to make it more authentic and real. Here we are sharing FIFA 17 features wishlist.

FIFA 17 Wishlist

Keep the Player Growth Authentic:
Developers can make the growth of the player more balanced. What I mean to say is player can grow physically, their appearance display their genuine growth till the age of 25 and sometimes it can be longer. But youth players, in fact all players don’t grow physically in the game. This requires a master touch of developers, and as the players grow physically, their strength should decline slowly. There should not be huge mental statistics for players especially for players who have bad physics. Besides, regens should be given four star skills.

Twist Kits:
To make the game little more interesting and to give it a new look, EA can provide an option to tweak kits every year on loading of every season, this will give a feel of something new. I am saying to change the complete kit of the team, but for instance, if you are playing as arsenal, you don’t change the entire kit into purple or something, but a new design like stripes or anything can be added would be great. This option can be available on every new season on career mode. Or they can provide an option of kit combination where players can choose different color shots. For example, Juventus can use black or white shorts in their home kit.

Reserves Team:
To bring a little more excitement into the game with extra teams. We all love to play from the big team side, and FIFA has done a great job in introducing such champion teams, they have featured almost all the best teams of football, but they have left several small teams. Sometimes it feels good to play from the small team side against a champion. It bestows a different challenging feeling. EA can add new reserves teams in FIFA 17 for extra enthusiasm. This will be unique attribution and will provide more challenging opportunities.

Extra Swedish Leagues:
Football and Sweden has a great combination, and that would be great if EA could include more Swedish leagues with stadium customize options. A league match gives a complete different experience full of energy. Thus adding more of that won’t harm anybody; in fact it would be an advantage in the game as it will enhance the entertainment package.

Customize Nets:
This is something several fans are looking for years. If we talk about the FIFA 16, there I’ve seen the nets are hardly sufficient. EA Sports can provide an option to change the color and pattern of the nets players are playing with and the other thing is they have provided an option of tightness and looseness of the nets, for what purpose? , it doesn’t work anyway. Instead they can provide a tighter net the way as it was in FIFA 2014 world cup. If we’ll see the same in 2015 and 2016 game, the nets are so saggy.

Authentic Managers:
I just love FIFA! There is no doubt it is an amazing game, but it requires a lot of improvisation on several parts and one of that part is manager’s authenticity. Every year the game improved a lot, and for FIFA 17 fans would love to see actual managers in the game not those old bald men roaming here and there on the touchline like ghosts. Managers are the important part of the game, and they have significant role to play. So instead of those generic dudes, EA can include professional managers.

Enhanced Crowd Animation:
Let’s make the crowd more lively and curious. It would be amazing and funny to see the crowd walking out of stadium if their team is losing with big difference like 4-0. Crowd can be full of enthusiasm, they can add sound energetically on every goal and they react and sound negatively on every missing goal kick.

Include Dinamo Zagreb:
Many fans believe it is the time to add Dinamo Zagreb into the FIFA game now as they have qualified for tournaments like champions league and some awesome players as well. Besides, they also win their league every time. FIFA can consider them to add in the next version. It is little awkward that FIFA has not added them in FIFA 16, but they can be included in FIFA 17.

Additional Leagues:
Fans were expecting numerous other leagues in FIFA 16, but as they are missing in FIFA 16, now hope is to FIFA 17. They can add the Greek, Ukrainian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Czech, Finland and Bulgarian leagues. Besides all such, Brazil Champions league and Europe league is also needed. EA can include other legends and all the South American leagues like the Ecuadorian, Uruguayan, Bolivian, Venezuelan leagues. Their inclusion is significant in order to create copa libertadores, they need to put their attention on Latin America with one eye on Europe. There are numerous hardcore soccer fans in North America as well, if they include their teams in next version, the game will become superior than it is now.

Online Career Mode:
EA can bring online career mode in FIFA 17 now; 2-4 players’ option would be great for the beginning of online mode. Fighting for titles and transfers fills with different energy. This will enhance the credibility of the game and its entertainment level will multiply with enthusiasm since this will let players to challenge players online. This would be an amazing characteristic to introduce in FIFA 17.