NBA 2K23 Defensive Immunity’s Impact on Jump Shots

According to the explanation by NBA 2K23, the shot’s effectiveness in the defensive game makes the shot less difficult. It’s simple, but still good to test it in practice. We don’t know how much it will be a challenge Impact and Defensive Immunity may be a combination of Release Height and Shot Speed. The higher the Release Height, the faster the Shot Speed, and the better the reduced challenge, but in the jump shot chart below, you will find that things are not really what people think they are.

Jumper Chart

As you can see from the above chart, Steve Nash got the bonus points, but his release height and speed could be better. It is a C+ and a D, so Defensive Immunity is a separate variable in the shot.

Defensive Immunity shot test
In order to test the impact of Defensive Immunity on shooting, two different Releases are selected here, namely Mark Williams and Jerry West. Their Shot Speed, Release Height, and Timing Impact are all the same ratings. The only difference is that Mark Williams’ Defensive Immunity grade is D, and Jerry West’s is A. After taking 50 shots each, their shooting percentages are completely different.

So here are the results, and you can see the difference between the different ratings for Defensive Immunity. There’s about a 5% difference in a challenge on this exact sequence type.

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