Are You Lazy When it Comes to Gaming?

According to Google, laziness is defined as: The quality of being unwilling to work or use energy.


We gamers get this a lot from everyone around us, “You are lazy!”, “You don’t do any chore of the house!” and a lot of other sorts of scrutiny from people around us. But it’s nature’s rule to always go towards maximum potential energy and minimum kinetic energy. And so shrugging all that aside we still keep on playing games because they bring us joy. However, we gamers can also be lazy, uhh… in terms of gaming as well. This laziness can be seen in a variety of ways, but only a fellow gamer would be able to recognize it. For the uninitiated it will still remain a generic gaming session with a dosage of sarcastic comments.

“You’re still stuck on this level? It’s been over a month since I last asked. I’ve almost finished the game and you are still stuck here?”- I’ve been on both ends of this statement plenty of times. It is one of the most common dialogue, all gamers who are into story driven games say. By personal experience, this generally happens either when you are not able to do a particular thing the game asks of you or if you’re just too lazy to go ahead in the game or it may also happen when the game is so bad that you don’t feel like playing the game (In this case your mate won’t say anything to you).

Another instance is when you’re trying to be better at a game like FIFA. At first you have all the enthusiasm in the world and a will to become a better player- “I wanna become like…”, or something on the same lines. Then you become better than all the people around you (Admit it, most of us play the pirated version first). Then you go ahead, buy the game, install it and start playing online, and you get your ass handed to you. So you become lazy thinking that you can never become a player like them and instead of watching pro-players play the game online, you go back to playing with your friends or start playing some other games.

The next form of laziness is very commonplace. “I’ll not play this game (Generally referring to Dark Souls) because it’s very tough”. I’m not saying all people say this because they are lazy. Now, if a person is a gamer for a hobby, and sees a hectic schedule almost daily, he/she wouldn’t want to come home and play a game that has a steep learning curve Or maybe they have just moved on, like Ayush did. But many gamers just don’t want to put in the effort, simply because of some biased hypothetical condition. It’s sad to see how people’s opinions affect other people so much.

Another prominent form of laziness is when you are trying to reach for the remote/controller. Yeah, I’m one of those lazy people who cannot get up from their seat to get a controller. I can’t even remember the number of tries I’ve tried fixing my controller with a tape, just becaue my budget didn’t allow for a new controller.

There can be many more ways in which a gamer can be lazy, but these were just the ones we were not lazy enough to think of. Are you lazy when it comes to gaming?