Overpriced Selling Guide for FUT22

What is Overpriced Selling?
Overpriced Selling (also known as lazy selling) is a very popular trading method in the German & Spanish Fifa community.
This method is all about selling players above their market value, while working with some tricks in order to get deals.
This method is perfect for people with limited time to trade and ideally for people who want to make coins without too much effort.

What budget do you need?
You can start with low budget overpriced selling ( consumable flipping / non rare overpriced selling non-rare once you have 50k
Once you want to start with medium budget overpriced selling I recommend to have a budget of at least 1M, ideally even more!

Why does overpriced selling work?

People are lazy!
It sounds weird for us traders but some people do not compare prices before buying a player for their squad. They just go to the transfer market and buy the first card that they see, no matter if it’s the cheapest card on the market or not.

People make mistakes!
Some people don’t pay attention while buying their cards and therefore they make mistakes as they don’t look close enough to the price or versions of the cards.

This does also sound weird for traders but casuals don’t know about Futbin, they don’t know much about trading and they just buy cards that they like on the transfer market without checking any prices.
They are a combination of lazy buyers and people who make mistakes because they just don’t know how the transfer market works.

Every reason above seems very weird for experienced FUT players but the last few years have shown that overpriced selling is one of the most effective trading methods in FUT.

How does overpriced selling work?
There are lots of overpriced selling methods that will help you to maximize your amount of sales.
Once you know and master every method below you are on the same level as every other overpriced selling trader because you don’t need to have a lot of knowledge or experience to be great at overpriced selling.

5K Method

This was by far my favorite method in FUT21 because it was so easy to make FUT 22 coins and I rarely had to adjust my prices.
I also like to call this method “overpriced flipping” as you can profit a lot from natural market fluctuations.

How does this method work?
List your players for 5k profit after tax above your buy price.

Example 1
buy price: 20k
calculating taxes: 20000 * 1,05 (5% EA tax) = 21k
21k (buy price + 5% EA tax) + 5k (profit) = 26k
listing price: 26.000 bid / 26.500 buy now
Total profit after tax: 5175 coins

Example 2
buy price: 39k
calculated price: 39000 * 1,05 (EA tax) = 40950
40950 (buy price + 5% EA tax) + 7k (profit) = 47950
listing price: 48000 bid / 48500 buy now
Total profit after tax: 7075 coins

The method is called the “5K method” but I prefer following profits for each price range:

Overpriced Selling #1

These are my personal recommendations.
Feel free to try your own, different profits for the suggested price ranges!

Remember this formula: Buy Price * 1,05 + XX (your profit) = your listing price

Why does the 5k method work?

  1. Some prices fluctuate a lot and you are likely to sell a card for its market value
    Don’t re-buy a card if you sold it for market value!
    Either wait for a low fluctuation (lower price), or try to snipe/bid the card.
    Otherwise you can just re-buy a different card!
  2. Some people don’t care if they overpay a few k because they don’t check the cheapest prices.
    That’s why we are going to aim for small profits here.
    For some people they might overpay once for a certain player and for you it’s a daily business with 100 players in order to make profit.

This works only with cards that have at least 2 informs.
Once the first cards do have second informs I highly recommend to try this method because it is very effective as most people don’t know about the SIF! Use the opportunities.

How does this method work?
You list the first inform of a certain card for the price of the second inform of that card
(This also works with second informs for the price of third informs!)

Overpriced Selling #2
Overpriced Selling #3
  1. List your Ronaldo 93 (first IF) for the price of the cheapest Ronaldo 94 (second IF) (471k)
  2. It’s better to check the price on the transfer market in comparison to Futbin in order to have exact prices -> very important to adjust the prices as often as possible
  3. Make sure that the price range allows this type of deals (remember to stay away 5% from the maximum price range)
  4. Make sure that the IF and SIF do have the same position (you can also transform them yourself)

Why does the IF2SIF method work?
Actually, it’s all about deceiving the buyer.
If a buyer wants to buy the second inform, we hope that he doesn’t pay enough attention and accidentally buys the wrong version (IF instead of SIF), because he didn’t look closely enough at the cards.

Reversed Digits
This is a very easy and effective method as long as you are creative with numbers!

How does this method work?
You’re trying to mix up the numbers with your sell prices.
Basically we are using the market value of a player (for example 23k) and we are trying to reverse the digits for our sell price (for example 32k).
You can be very creative with that because we are relying on mistakes from buyers.

Market value 13000 Sell price 31000 List: 31000/31500
Market value 35000 Sell price 53000 List: 53000/53500

Make sure to have the reversed digits in your bid and buy now price!

Wrong Examples
Market value 13000 Sell price 31000 List 30000/31000
Market value 35000 Sell price 53000 List 52500/53000

You can also use this method with higher prices

Market value 112000 Sell price 211000 OR 212000 List 211000/212000
Market value 102000 Sell price 201000 OR 210000 List 201000/210000
Only reserve the numbers from the market value (first 2 digits below 100k / first 3 digits above 100k), because this is the easiest way to deceive the buyer, because this is how our selling price is most similar to the market value if only the same numbers are used.

Why does this work?
Same reason as the IF2SIF explanation, we are hoping that the buyer doesn’t pay enough attention while looking at the price.
As the digits are very similar it is very likely that some people make a mistake!

100k Deals
This method can be very demotivating because you won’t get a lot of sales but once you get a sale it’s always an insane profit.

How does this method work?
You’re trying to sell a card 100k above the market value, while working with reversed digits or you’re just trying to rely on your luck.

Market value 99000 Sell price 199000 Listing price 198000/199000
We are hoping that the buyer doesn’t see the “1” and thinks he is buying the card for 98/99k.
Market value 112000 Sell price 211000 Listing price 211000/221000

This is basically the reversed digits method as explained above.

I don’t really recommend this method because you will lose a lot of FUT 22 coins because a lot of players will lose value over time.
Let’s say you are going to have 0-3 deals per day but at the same time all of your 100 different players lose ~5k value over the day which is an immediate 500k loss next to your 0-300k “profit”.
Why do I explain this method if I don’t recommend it?
I personally do use this method when I’m adding my team to my overpriced selling list (always when I don’t play the game for a few hours/days).
Usually my 11 players are suitable for 100k deals and I don’t care if they lose value over time so I use them as possible 100k deals and I take the opportunity to make some extra FUT 22 coins.
If they sell I’m very happy about it and re-buy the player for my team (+100k profit)
If they don’t sell I just remove them from my transfer list and keep playing with them.

101k/102k Method
This method was explored in FUT21 and became popular very fast because it worked very well.

How does this method work?
You list the players for 101000 (bid) and 102000 (buy now).

This is everything you have to know about this method.
As long as the price range allows this price you are good to go.

Why does this method work?
To be honest: we all don’t know.
Everything we know is that this method worked extremely well in FUT21 and we hope that it will be as good in FUT22.

When to buy your players?
Usually Sunday was the best time to buy players but as the reward system changes in FUT22 it will be different!
We are not able to predict the exact low point of the market in FUT22 yet.
All I can recommend for now is to buy during supply.
I’m going to add more information to this section once we have more information about the FUT22 market.

Personal Advice
Please keep in mind that some of your players will be on your transfer list for several days/weeks as they are not sold.
During this time, the market is likely to drop significantly and a profit becomes less and less likely as the difference to the new market value and your purchase price becomes too large.
For this reason, there is a risk of losing FUT 22 coins by overpriced selling (which is usually offset by the profit).
Nevertheless, I recommend that you pay attention to the total value of your list in order to avoid unnecessary losses.
What I’m saying is that it’s not necessary to take individual players who cost over 100k on your list, because expensive players usually lose their value the quickest.
Focus on players with a maximum market value of 50-75k to keep losses to a minimum. Nevertheless, there will be possible losses, but these can usually be offset much better by the profit.
My biggest mistake in FUT21 was that I had to sell players for a loss of over 100k because I just couldn’t get them sold for weeks. (Loss of almost 3 million from an initial list value of 12 million).
When I set a maximum prize for individual players (75k) I had a maximum loss of 25 thousand, although my profit from the list remained the same.
Remember : it’s better to have a lot of cheap players on the list and to get several small profits (5-10k) rather than rare big profits (25k+).
If you have a lot of sales, you can always re-buy the players to the current market values much more often. This way you can try to avoid possible differences between your buy price and the actual market value a few days later.

How to build your own overpriced selling list

Divide your budget by 100
The result is the average price you should pay per player.
Example: 2.500.000 / 100 = 25.000
-> The average price of every player should be 25k.

Go to https://www.futbin.com/21/pgp


Overpriced Selling #4

Make sure to prefer playable, meta cards from the top 5 leagues!
(avoid GKs they just don’t work as well as field players)

Special Cards > CL cards > Gold cards
(once they are available)

Make sure to always include new special cards to your list
(often not shown on the Futbin link above)
You can find them here https://www.futbin.com/squads

Overpriced Selling Laws
PATIENCE – there are days where you are going to sell a lot of players and there are days where you only sell a few or even none players and that is completely normal.
Usually Thursday to Sunday were the best days for overpriced selling in FUT21.
In FUT22 we are likely to have constant sales from Monday-Sunday because it’s worth grinding rivals again and therefore people will change their teams and buy players during the week.
Monday-Thursday = Rivals Buyers
Thursday-Sunday = Weekend League + Rivals Buyers

Always have 90-100 different players on your transfer list – this gives you the chance to make a deal on 100 different players
1% chance of a sale per player

Stay away 5-10% from the maximum price range! – you could possibly get banned if you are too close to the max range
Example: Don’t list a player for 29k if the max. price range is 30k.
This rule is due to the stupid EA ban system because the bot thinks that you are transferring FUT 22 coins once you are too close to the maximum price range – take this seriously!

List your players as often as you can – for always 1h (use the companion app)
You will have most of your sales in the last few minutes because your players will be on the first page of the transfer market
(more possible buyers on page one than on page five)

If a player sells – immediately buy him again (if he is not inflated)
inflated = market price is at least 5k above your last buy price

Chemistry Styles & Position Changes make your players unique
If you can get players with an already applied chemistry style or position change for the cheapest market value buy them.

in order to maximize your profit you should also have enough time to re-buy the players once they are sold.
always keep your transfer list as full as possible!

List your current team if you don’t play!
This gives you 11 extra players for your overpriced selling list
List them for HUGE profits and don’t use the 5k method for this!

Adjust your prices multiple times a week
Adjust prices daily for: IF2SIF, 100k deals and reversed digits because it is important to have exact and current prices in order to fool the buyers.