FIFA 17 Rumors Suggest the New Title Launch in September

EA Sports will reportedly release its latest installment in the FIFA franchise FIFA 17 in September. This is despite the fact that the company hasn’t released an official statement yet. But EA has released its FIFA games consistently around this period.


According to FIFA 17 News, EA has always released the game’s demo version two weeks prior to the game’s official release. For the FIFA series, since it’s one of their heavier games, they tend to announce it at the annual E3, which usually happens during June or July.

The consistency for the release dates for new titles can be seen in the trend that it has followed for more than three years. For example, FIFA 16 was launched on Sept. 22, 2015, FIFA 15 on Sept. 23, 2014, and FIFA 14 on Sept. 23, 2013. Similarly, the demo version of these games were released two weeks prior to the full game, such as the one from FIFA 16, which was launched on Sept. 8, 2015.

The release dates for the consoles will vary depending on regions and time zones, which means that the release could be delayed by two days maximum. As for the demo, it’s free regardless of the console and it’s usually 5GB in size. Also, it’s possible that there will be a deluxe edition for this game, which could cost at least $10 more but will include some bonuses such as exclusive items for the “FIFA Ultimate Team” as well as other rewards.

In any case, EA stated in its earnings call last May 10 that “FIFA 17” will undergo upgrades in three key areas: personalization, immersion and competition. This is explained by Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA. He even said that this kind of change will be implemented in other major EA Sports games like “Madden NFL 17” and “NHL 17”. With that being said, fans for this game hope that the upcoming FIFA game will address the various issues that caused the game’s decline.