FIFA 17 to Have Engine Transition from Lgnite to Frostbite

In a major step of transition, FIFA 17 would be changing its engine from the old companion Ignite engine to Frostbite. The Ignite engine actually had many proprietary technologies that could turn the look of virtual presentations of the sports to the actual thing. This had most marked effects on the stellar results in the long-haul football game-series of FIFA. But this is likely to change in FIFA 17.

fifa frostbite engine

The information has come in from multiple reliable sources regarding the transition to the Engine Frostbite developed by the Battlefield Studio Dice. Actually Frostbite is already powering a large part of EA’s games which include the popular ones like Need For Speed, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mirror’s Edge. And the Transition will also be done in the other EA games like Madden NFL, NHL and NBA Live.

A post on the GameInformer reads,”FIFA 17 isn’t the first EA Sports game to use Frostbite tech; 2015’s Rory McIlroy PGA Tour was built on the platform as well by EA Tiburon. During its press blitz for PGA Tour, EA touted the engine’s prowess in creating outdoor environments and cutting load times between holes. The transition should also be aided by the fact that DICE already integrated the ANT animation system component of the Ignite engine into Frostbite during the development of Battlefield 3.”

All hopes are resting on the improved look the game will carry on an advanced PC, after the transition. The games Need For Speed and Star Wars Battlefront give a much more presentable experience and after the engine transition it is hoped to end all inferior PC versions of the game will change for good. The only concern is the probable loss of important features that might take place in the process as the development cycles are extremely curtailed and boiled down.