FIFA 17 is Regarded as the Best Driving Sports Games of E2 2016

If it’s quality sports games you’re after you are in for a real treat this coming year, whether that be ball, extreme or motorsports. The 2016 E3 videogames convention is jam packed with amazing looking titles that offer conclusive proof the industry has got the hang of this new-generation console malarkey.

FIFA 17 Game

From the traditional racers such as Gran Turismo Sport, to open-world online epics such as Forza Horizon 3, and proper rallying in all-new WRC6, there’s driving games catered for different tastes.

Other sports titles range from the traditional, such as Madden NFL 17 and NBA 2K17, to the unconventional, such as Ubisoft’s new extreme sports title Steep.

FIFA this year has changed things up by adding a story mode, The Journey, to give the game some added extra for action on and off the pitch. The new game from EA is hotly contested by Konami’s PES 2017, which is tipped to be the best footie game of the pair.