Three Things We Unsatisfied with FIFA 17 Demo

FIFA 17 demo does great in graphics, the journey and something else, but there are three things we are unsatisfied with.

1. Penalties

This year, the system, has been changed slightly (we’re not too sure why). There is no longer a power and accuracy bar, which can make getting the ball in back of the net a bit tricky to start with. On the plus side, you can now adjust the angle of the chosen penalty taker – so experiment with a few until you’ve mastered a couple.

2. The ‘Magic’ ball boys

It’s worth stressing at this point that the game is by no means finished, but the demo showed off a rather amusing quirk. If a ball is hit into a crowd, a ball boy will ‘magic’ one up in between their legs and throw it to a nearby player. Given the level of detail on show, it’s almost impossible to un-spot once you’ve seen it.

3. The Journey ended without more information

We have already known that the new story mode will be added to FIFA 17, and we know role Alex Hunter is the person we play as. So in the demo, all these known contents have been showed up. We played enough of The Journey to get hooked, so much so that we’re annoyed we didn’t get to see more. Still, it’s a masterstroke from EA and we’re convinced Alex Hunter’s tale is destined for greatness.

FIFA 17 is released on 27th, September in North America, 29th for the rest of the world across all the platforms.