How to Master at Taking Free Kicks in FIFA 17

By now you’re probably more than familiar with all the brand new features that have made FIFA 17 one good game. Set pieces are something that everyone wants to get right. So here are tips and tricks to help you master at taking free kicks in FIFA 17.

1. Dipped free kick

First up is the dipped free kick, which will see your player send his shot looping over the wall and back down again into the net. We have used Antoine Griezmann as our example set piece taker. If you want the shot to go straight, line him up directly behind the ball. When you’re ready, use between one and two bars of power, depending on how far out you are and hold the left analogue stick forward on both PS4 and Xbox. If done correctly you should beat the wall and keep the ball under the bar, away from the reach of the keeper.

2. Curled free kick

Here we take Dimitri Payet as an example, we then lined the wall up with the post positioned between the last two defenders (the same can be done in reverse for a left-footed free kick taker). And then once again used one to two bars of power – depending on distance – and pulled the left analogue stick left and down (right and down for a left-footed player on other side) on both PS4 and Xbox. If done correctly it should swerve around and just above the wall and hit the back of the net.

3. Under the wall

This free kick should be used sparingly because it can only work if the wall jumps, and there is no way of knowing whether it will. It should also only be used if you are very close to the goal. We have used Griezmann as our example set piece taker. If you’d rather keep things uniformed though, so you know your shot will go where you point, move your player so that he is standing directly behind the ball. Then when you’re ready, hold L1 on PS4 and LB on Xbox, push forward on the left analogue stick and use a small amount of power. If the wall jumps, the shot should go underneath it and take the keeper by surprise.

As you can see, we take players as examples to explain to you better. If you have any experience, let we know.