Top 10 Best Goals in FIFA 17

In this article, let’s check the top 10 best goals in FIFA 17 video (the video will be shared at the bottom of article).

1. Extreme angle

Bayern have a corner in the seventh minute, which Douglas Costa plays short towards the near post, receiving it straight back from Lewandowski. Still way out near the corner flag, Costa tees the ball up for himself with one foot and volleys it with the other, somehow, into the far corner past Juve’s diving keeper. The goal is almost as majestic as the celebration, which sees Costa, er, lie awkwardly and dead still on the floor with a look of terror in his eyes.

2. Supersonic shooting

It’s goal number eight from the same compilation, at 1.18. Man City against Juventus. Toure plays a deft one-two before stealing a shot from edge of box, which deflects off a defender and loops straight upwards. The keeper runs out and punches away towards the centre circle.

3. Defenders in knots

Sergio Agüero has the skills to pay the bills. Even the most extortionate ones. If he received, say, a gas bill in the billions, he’d be able to settle it in seconds with a silky dribble or cheeky nutmeg. Those skills are demonstrated here in all their glory as Man City play Juventus.

4. Bale blasts it

One thing you discover trawling the web for the best strikes is that a lot of goals that are titled “wonder goal!” turn out to be just “goal”. But not this one from Gareth Bale, a hidden gem only watched a paltry 14 times at time of writing – a crime.

5. 1000mph Bicycle Kick

Playing in an Ultimate Team match, the ball is crossed into the edge of the box, where Neymar jumps to meet it, overhead kicking with such force that the ball seems to be in the back of the net around the same time he’s landing on his backside. He celebrates by doing that thing where you walk in a circle while lying on the floor, which really is the icing on a spectacular cake.

6. In-Sane Curler

Man City’s blockbuster summer signing, German winger Leroy Sane, seems to move at a speed 1.5 times faster than anyone else on the pitch, as he spins a defender over on the far right, before cutting back in towards the edge of the box and hitting a sublime left-footed curler towards the goal.

7. The Inevitable Ronaldo One

It wouldn’t be a best goals list without one from the shy and retiring genius, Cristiano Ronaldo. The best free kick in this free kick compilation belongs to Real Madrid’s number 7 and can be found at 1:56. Standing as straight and stiff as a Subbuteo player, he composes himself in front of the Man Utd three-man wall. With just a three-step run up, from 30 yards out, he executes his trademark off-the-laces punt, sending the ball up and over the wall then sharply back down past the keeper, who seems to dive a mile backwards.

8. Curve Ball

This goal at 0:26 is best enjoyed in the replay from 0:54. Against fierce rivals Liverpool, Everton’s Seamus Coleman passes to fellow Irishman Darron Gibson, only for the midfielder to lash it with the outside of his left foot, causing the ball to bend away from the keeper in a very pleasing manner. He then runs with his arms outstretched, towards delighted manager Ronald Koeman, in the longest build up to a hug ever.

9. Keeper vs Keeper

This goal is presented from three angles, but it’s perhaps the one starting at 36 seconds that displays it best.

10. Chip and Win

This is the type of goal you’d score more of if you didn’t panic and accidentally press square, causing the player to gently lob the ball backwards the length of the pitch, eventually bouncing sadly into the crowd. Man Utd’s veteran number 10, Wayne Rooney, feeds a delightful pass through Chelsea’s entire back four, perfectly weighted to ease into the stride of FIFA 17’s own Alex Hunter, a rookie star in the making that’s yours to mould and guide through a career. With his first touch, Mr Hunter sublimely chips it over the keeper.

Here is a video uploaded by Zan Omg.