FIFA 17 Defending Tips: How to Choose Defensive Formations

Defending is so important in FIFA 17. Use these defending tips to help you get better at defending and stop conceding as many goals.

Defending Controls

fifa 17-defending controls

Defensive Formations


It’s extremely useful, especially on FIFA 17. Use this formation as well as pressing left on your direction pad to make your team defensive what this will do is force your wing backs to hold their position and will encourage your midfield 3 to drop in to defensive midfield positions also.

We use this from time-to-time to close out games in the final 10/15 minutes. When you get the ball you have so many options because of how compact your team will be that keeping possession should also become easier and help you see out the game.


As with any 5 at the back formation you’re strengths are going to be a solid defensive set-up. This is probably one of the best counter attacking formation in the game. The reason for this is the 5 defenders allow for your midfielders to push on a support the front 3 and forget about their defensive responsibilities as such. The CF can work brilliantly by dropping into’the hole’behind the 2 STs which would hopefully see the defensive structure of the other team fragment a bit so you can then use the CFs passing ability to get one of your STs a good chance on goal.

This formation can leave you chasing the ball for the vast majority of the game if you come up against a good passing player. It is very weak against teams that pass about the midfield because you will likely be outnumbered 2 against 3 sometimes even against 4 or 5. If you aren’t comfortable soaking up pressure and like to be on the ball more than your opponent then avoid using this formation.

Hope the tips will gonna work for you guys.