The Journey Updates: Alex Hunter Becomes the Rising Star

Just over one month ago, Alex Hunter burst onto the scene as the Premier League’s next rising star in the brand new mode for EA SPORTS? FIFA 17. An upcoming title update for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, will bring language support to The Journey for an additional five languages. Currently only available in English, soon you will be able to play in German, French, Spanish, Mexican Spanish and Italian, all complete with full audio localisation and subtitle support.

So that’s fantastic news for players that would rather experience The Journey in their native language and could possibly, possibly be the first hint that Alex Hunter (or whoever the star of whatever The Journey becomes in FIFA 18) might be able to play outside the Premier League next year. Who knows.

The update is marked as being available “this holiday season” which is obviously pretty vague, but it’s good to see EA adding further support for other languages and opening the mode up to a wealth of people, that are unable to speak English, so that they can enjoy it too.

fifa-17-alex-hunterThe announcement also comes with some stats from the first month of The Journey. 124M matches played since launch, that’s 4.2M per day, with a total of 164M goals. 18.4% of players chose to place Hunter at Manchester United, with Liverpool second at 11.3%, Leicester third with 11.%, then Arsenal, 9.7% and in fifth, West Ham with 7.9%.

Newcastle has been the most common loan destination, the average match rating achieved is 8, with Hunter claiming 1.1M FA Cup wins and sealing up the Premier League title 659,000 times. That’s only slightly less than Sir Alex Ferguson.