FIFA 17 Flash SBCs

Same as each year, EA will release promotion events on Black Friday especially for FIFA 17 lightning rounds. This year FIFA 17 Flash SBCs starts Nov 25th at 2 pm UK.

Here is the time zone conversion for anyone who can’t figure it out on their own:
6am – PST (Los Angeles)
7am – MST (Denver)
8am – CST (Chicago)
9am – EST (Philadelphia)
11am – ART (Buenos Aires)
12pm – BRST (Brazil)
2pm – UK (GMT)
3pm – CET (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, etc)
4pm – EET (Greece, Bulgaria, etc)
5pm – MSK (Moscow)
7pm – PKT (Pakistan)
7:30pm – IST (New Dehli, etc)
10pm – AWST (Perth) // HKT (Hong Kong)
11pm – JST (Japan)
1am (Saturday) – AEDT (Sydney)

Now you should be hours away on finding out what is in store for players this year. For those that are not aware, EA will offer lightning rounds which are packs that are available every hour for a lower amount of coins than usual and which are only available for a time period or by a certain quantity.

Remember this event is one day only and will also include special tournaments. Now get ready and enjoy the game!