GTA 5: Takumi’s AE86 Build Guide

The AE86 (represented by the Karin Futo GTX in GTA 5) is attractive to players. The best modded gta accounts service is provided by U4GM, which is cheap and guaranteed. Use code “allen” to get 5% off at U4GM! The AE86 is iconic due to its prominence in the popular anime/manga series Initial D, where it’s driven by the protagonist Takumi Fujiwara.

GTA 5 allows players to extensively modify the Futo GTX to closely resemble Takumi’s AE86 from Initial D, including the “Fujiwara Tofu Shop” livery. The Futo GTX is designed for drifting in the game, making it fun to drive and appealing to players who enjoy this driving style. You can use cheap money gta to buy Futo GTX.

In GTA 5, every player wants to own an AE86. To recreate Takumi’s Toyota AE86 from Initial D in GTA 5, you’ll need to use the Karin Futo GTX and make several specific modifications. Here’s how to do it:

1. Purchase the Karin Futo GTX from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website for $1,590,000 (or $1,192,500 with trade price). The money boost gta 5 service provided by U4GM helps you solve the problem of lack of GTA$.
2. Customize the car at a mod shop with the following parts:
· Yellow fog lights on the front bumper
· “Fujiwara Tofu Shop” livery
· “Fujiwara” wheels (not “Dished Eight”)
· “Primary Wind Deflectors”
· Apex steering wheel
· White fender parts
3. For the Project D version, also add:
· “Dash dodger” roll cage
· Carbon track seats

Additional notes:
· The total cost for the replica build, including the car and modifications, is around 1.5 million GTA$ with the trade price, or 1.9 million GTA$ without it.
· While not an exact replica due to licensing restrictions, this is the closest you can get to Takumi’s AE86 in GTA 5.
· You can further customize the car for better drifting capabilities if desired.

Remember to have enough in-game money to purchase the car and make all the necessary modifications to fully recreate Takumi’s iconic AE86 from Initial D.