The First Descendant: Beginner’s Guide

The First Descendant is now available with a vast number of players diving into this free-to-play looter shooter on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. For fans of Destiny, many systems will feel familiar, but for new players, here are ten essential tips to get you started.

  1. Choosing Your Starter
    To unlock starting descendants quickly, you need to collect materials. Once you have collected all the materials, you will need a code. You can use your points to buy codes and blueprints, or buy cheap TFD Character Unlock Boost Services. Use coupon code “harry” at U4GM to get discounts and save more!

When you first enter the game, you can choose between three starter descendants: Viessa, Lepic, and Ajax. Your choice should align with your play style:

  • Viessa: Great for crowd control and freezing enemies to inflict shatter damage.
  • Lepic: Can group enemies and use grenades to inflict burn damage.
  • Ajax: A tankier option with walls and circular barriers that boost allies’ damage.

Viessa is recommended initially for dealing with groups of enemies effectively, thanks to her ice abilities. However, you are not permanently locked out of the other choices.

  1. Crafting All Descendants
    Despite the game’s monetization, you can research every descendant for free. Regular descendants cost 400,000 gold and take about 16 hours to research, while ultimate variants require 900,000 gold and 36 hours. Gather the necessary materials and gold for their components, research them, and then put it all together.
  1. Weapons and Ammo Types
    The game does not restrict your weapon choices, but the ammo system does. There are four ammo types: General, Special, Impact, and High Power rounds. Each weapon type falls into these categories.
  • General Rounds: SMGs, handguns, assault rifles, machine guns.
  • Impact Rounds: Scout rifles, hand cannons.
  • High Power Rounds: Snipers, shotguns, launchers.

Since there is no unlimited ammo system like in Destiny 2, mix different ammo types for consistent DPS uptime. High Power rounds are rarer, so consider swapping out weapons depending on your build.

  1. How Modules Work
    Modules provide passive bonuses and can modify behavior, such as increasing weapon damage at the cost of reload speed. Each module has an associated cost, and you can’t equip every module on any descendant. Matching the specific module to its corresponding socket can cut its overall cost in half.
  1. Enhancing Modules
    You can buy cheap TFD Campaign Boost services to quickly improve.
    Enhancing modules strengthens them, providing a power boost. However, enhancing increases the module’s capacity, which might make it challenging to fit into your current setup. The game will warn you about this, so upgrade necessary modules while increasing your Mastery Rank to keep pace.
  1. Modules Carrying Over
    While leveling up, you might need to switch out modules frequently. However, modules carry over to higher-level versions of weapons within the same ammo category. Check beneath the three currently equipped arms in your inventory to see the weapons list and manage modules effectively.
  1. Choosing a Reactor
    Reactors are crucial for increasing stats and skill power. Different reactors benefit different descendants. Initially, focus on reactors with green arrows pointing up in skill power stats. Higher rarity reactors have optimization conditions that, if met, apply skill power at 140%.
  1. Weapon Level Transmission
    Similar to infusion in Destiny 2, transmission allows you to consume higher-level weapons to raise a lower-level weapon. Transformation materials, crafted from dismantling weapons, are needed for this process. This allows you to keep your favorite weapons viable.
  1. Always Be Upgrading Your Mastery Rank
    After leveling up, a Mastery Rank becomes available, giving you more module capacity, increased storage, and other benefits. Visit the prime hands to the left of where you spawn to upgrade. The game tracks your Mastery Rank XP, so even if you delay returning to base, excess XP goes towards your next rank.
  1. Turn Off Battle Voices
    Constant callouts from comrades can get annoying over time. Go into the audio settings, scroll down to the advanced options, and turn battle voices off. You can also adjust the volume of hit markers.

By following these tips, you’ll have a smoother experience in The First Descendant and be better equipped to handle the challenges challenges ahead.