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FIFA 17 Release: 7 Things You Should Do First

FIFA 17 is available now, here in the passage, seven things listed you should do first when FIFA 17 is released.

Begin The Journey

Some may not like The Journey, as different people have different preferences. However, this take on the concept is done so well, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a look.

Spend some time playing Skills Games

The FIFA series has always had great skills/mini games. FIFA 17 is no exception as the exercises aren’t just fun, they actually help you learn to play the game and how to execute in specific situations.

Play a match as one of the world’s best clubs

To fully appreciate some of the enhanced gameplay techniques and the high-level presentation, you need to play a match with one of the top clubs in a huge stadium. Preferably, you should match them against one of their rivals so you’ll get the intense crowd reaction and relevant commentary from Martin Tyler and Allan Smith.

Play a match with one of the world’s worst clubs

To gain a deeper comprehension for the differences between big-time football and the beautiful game on a smaller scale, you should also play a match with two of the worst clubs in a non-legendary stadium. These matches help you to appreciate events like El Clásico for the grand spectacle it is for fans and players.

Play an Ultimate Team game against the Team of the Week

Ultimate Team can be a little intimidating, but the menu system in this year’s game is a little easier to follow. There are a ton of options, but after you’ve grabbed a few reward cards and opened a couple of packs, challenge yourself by taking on the FUT Team of the Week.

Try a co-op match

The sport is all about teamwork and when you find a group of teammates who are willing to cooperate, this can be a rewarding experience.

Begin a career as a manager

Smith and Tyler deliver solid commentary that helps to pull you into the midst of the grind. Even if you’re a fan of the more quick-hitting features, playing through four or five matches and a few scouting trips might get you into a new aspect of the game.

fifa 17 ultimate team ones to watch

Ones to Watch is Coming to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

Announced earlier in the year during one of EA’s livestreams, ones to watch will be a squad of the best transfers from this summer that will upgrade progressively throughout the year. Ones to Watch cards are a brand new card category in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team and probably the biggest addition to the game this year. These black cards are assigned to a very limited selection of players With TOTW 1 and 2 passing without any mention, we now know, thanks to an interview, that these players will be available in packs from September 30th.

If you manage to pack one of these new additions, you’ll have to take a view on whether you think they’ll feature heavily in Team of the Week throughout the year. If they do, you’ll get to watch your player item’s stats grow each time they feature, but if they don’t then you might have been better off selling.

It’s up to you to decide whether to gamble on them and keep them, hoping they grow, or get shot whilst their value is higher and let someone else worry about their real world performances.

There will be 23 OTW cards featuring top-players from the summer transfer window. Here is our prediction or at least a list of players with high chances to receive a hybrid card when the game comes out:

Claudio Bravo
Steve Mandanda

John Stones
Mats Hummels
David Luiz
Shkodran Mustafi
Samuel Umtiti
Marcos Alonso

N’Golo Kanté
Renato Sanches
Paul Pogba
André Gomes
Ikay Gundogan
Granit Xhaka
Henrikh Mikhitaryan
Leroy Sané
Sadio Mané

Álvaro Morata
Michy Batshuayi
Gonzalo Higuain
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

There is still no word on the full squad but with their availability being only a couple of days away, we’ll no doubt find out who is involved any minute now.

fifa 17 best young players

FIFA 17 Best Young Players Guide

In this guide, we have covered some of the best young talents that you can find in FIFA 17, including defenders, midfielders, attackers and goalkeepers.


Jonathan Tah
His presence alone demands respect and his ability to organize a back four is something that cannot be neglected.

Hector Bellerin
Bellerin is arguably one of the best attacking-right-backs in the game and is closely observed by the likes of Barcelona.

Kurt Zouma
This defender from Chelsea has already proven himself as a decent player. It is only a matter of time before he comes out as a world-class centre-half as the time progresses.


Riyad Mahrez
This man has absolutely been a beast against The Foxes and can easily throw off defenders with his incredible dribbling skills. Expect his passing and shooting to get a massive bump. You cannot go wrong with this man.

Leroy Sane
This man has been consistent for a long time now – he cannot only throw defenders, but can also score. You can expect his shooting, passing, and dribbling to get a huge bump in the game.

Dele Alli
Alli is not only strong when it comes to tackle, but has a presence that demands respect, thanks to his ability to land crucial passes and score much-needed goals.

Mahmoud Dahoud
This German midfielder has the ability to go hand-in-hand with some of the best young talent in the game. With a potential overall of 88, do not consider him any less than Dele Alli.


Federico Bernardeschi
This player has significantly improved his attacking and positioning over the course of time. Apart from that, he still boasts brilliant range and free kicks.

Kelechi Iheanacho, Ousmane Dembele, and Anthony Martial
These are thee three that you need in order to complete your front three line-up. There should not be any doubt regarding their individual skill level as they have proven from time to time. From pace to finishing to keeping your opponent guessing, the package is everything you need.


Gianluigi Donnarumma
When it comes to goalkeeping, there is hardly anyone who can come closer to Gianluigi Donnarumma. Despite his years, his talent precedes him and a potential of 88 is a proof of that.

What do you think of these guys? Maybe you’ve got your ideas. You can share with us. FIFA 17 is now available on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Android, and iOS-based devices.

fifa 17 ultimate team glitch

Three Types of Glitches in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

In this article, We will show 3 different type of easter eggs or glitches. First is related to the FIFA 17 pack opening animation that lets you know whether it’s a good pack or not. Second is that FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Glitch lets you get no loss and will boost your loyalty as well. Last is The Journey easter egg.

Pack opening animation

There are two to three different types of animations when you open a pack. One when there’s a really good player, one when there’s really bad one and one for literally the worst ones. However, we’re going to show you a little trick that lets you know what kind of cards to expect. Basically, the larger the flare is the better the card. You will easily be able to differentiate between the different types of flares.

Boost loyalty

If you notice your Ultimate Team setup, there will be players with a green shield. They will have more loyalty. Now, you will get this loyalty if the player was obtained from a pack or if you play ten or more games with it. So, let’s say you buy a player and put him on the field. You will see a white shield on his card which means he doesn’t have loyalty. Now, you can play 10 games (each 20 minutes) to get loyalty on him. However, there’s a secret glitch that lets you bypass all those hours of gameplay to get loyalty on a card instantly.

The Journey easter egg

Right in the starting cut scene , when Alex Hunter is a kid playing on the field, you will notice a Barcelona player on the football field. The player is blurred but a lot of people are claiming this could be Neymar or Messi.

fifa 17 companion

FIFA 17 Companion App Released for IOS, Android and Windows Phone

EA has recently dropped the FIFA 17 Companion app for mobile.

The official companion app for FIFA 17 is all about the FUT. The pint-sized UI is designed for quick and easy management of your Ultimate Team club through EA’s proprietary account login. There’s even a mini-game of sorts that’s all about team composition, with shifting targets that give out in-game rewards for a strategically assembled squad. The cross-player Transfer Market is available from the mobile UI, as are (of course) all of the randomized packs and consumables that are extra purchases in the main game.

To get involved with the new companion app, you’ll need to own FIFA 17 on your Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or PC. From there, you can keep right on top of your FIFA Ultimate Team, building and managing your squad and those all-important transfers.

The app supports devices running Android 4.1 and up, iDevices on iOS 8.2 and higher, or Windows – yes, Windows devices running Windows Phone 8.1 or newer. While it’s free to download, there are a bunch of in-app purchases for items like FIFA Coins which can become quite a slippery slope for the dedicated FIFA supporters.

FIFA 17 companion works with the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3 versions of the full game, connecting through your EA account.

swansea fifa 17 ratings

FIFA 17 Player Ratings: Top 20 Swansea City

FIFA 17 is nearly upon us and, with the release date only less than a week away, Swansea City fans buying the game will want to know how highly their side are rated coming in to the new season. Here are Swansea FIFA 17 Ratings according to wefut.

The list of Top 20 Swansea City (ranking from the last to the top).

20. Kristoffer Nordfeldt – 73

19. Kyle Naughton – 75

18. Mike van der Hoorn – 75

17. Gerhard Tremmel – 75

16. Neil Taylor – 75

15. Modou Barrow – 75

14. Angel Rangel – 76

13. Leroy Fer – 76

12. Wayne Routledge – 76

11. Jordi Amat – 76

10. Leon Britton – 77

9. Nathan Dyer – 77

8. Ki Sung Yueng – 78

7. Jack Cork – 78

6. Federico Fernandez – 79

5. Jefferson Montero – 79

4. Fernando Llorente – 79

3. Borja Baston – 80

2. Lukasz Fabianski – 80

1. Gylfi Sigurdsson – 82

What do you think their ratings?

fifa 17 corner glitch

FIFA 17 Corner Glitch Ensure You Score Every Single Time

Annoying bug already unearthed in demo from EA Sports as full game prepares to launch next week. FIFA 17’s worldwide launch is just around the corner.

One gamer has discovered a glitch in the new FIFA 17 demo which pretty much allows you to score every single time. It appears to be a similar glitch that afflicted games inFIFA’s 15 and 16 incarnations, but YouTuber Kosh claims it’s back and he explains how it works.

“The glitch is simple. You want to call a player to you when you’re taking a corner, you want to press LT as soon as you get the corner so the player comes to you. Then you want to press LT again when you get the ball with the player to move to the byline of the corner and then take a cross straight away, and the keepers get glitched. I don’t know how it happened but the keepers get glitched and can’t get close to the ball and you have a very very good chance to score the goal.”

“This glitch works like 99 per cent of the time. I mean 99.9 per cent of the time, you’re probably going to score from it but I guarantee you’re going to get the cross in and you’re probably going to get a header on the ball like 100 per cent of the time.”

“The only thing that I can’t predict is if the defender is going to get in the way. But for sure the goalkeeper gets glitched, he can’t reach the ball, all you have to do is have tall players in the box to head the ball into the back of the net.”

Whether it will still be there when the final version comes out on September 29, it remains to be seen.

Best Player for Each A-League in FIFA 17

The hype to next week’s release of EA Sports’ FIFA 17 is reaching fever pitch after weeks of ratings leaks, official promotions and tantalising advertising featuring some of the globe’s biggest names. As FIFA 17 A-League ratings are revealed, let’s see the best player for each A-League with FIFA 17 ratings.

Adelaide United – Marcelo Carrusca: 71

carrusca fifa 17 card

Brisbane Roar – Tommy Oar: 71

tommy oar fifa 17 card

Central Coast – Mikael Tavares: 67

tavares fifa 17 card

Melbourne City – Bruno Fornaroli: 76

fornaroli fifa 17 card

Melbourne Victory – Besart Berisha: 74

berisha fifa 17 card

Newcastle Jets – Morten Nordstrand: 68

nordstrand fifa 17 card

Perth Glory – Diego Castro: 75

castro fifa 17 card

Sydney FC – Bobo: 75

bobo fifa 17 card

Western Sydney Wanderers – Nichols: 69

nichols fifa 17 card

Wellington – Roly Bonevacia: 72

bonevacia fifa 17 card

arsenal top 10 players on fifa 17

FIFA 17 Player Ratings: Top 10 Arsenal Players

Arsenal got their third consecutive win in the Premier League with 4-1 victory over Hull City on Saturday, ranking fourth behind Manchester City, Everton and Tottenham. While, in this page, let’s check Arsenal’s top 10 players on FIFA 17.

10. Francis Coquelin – 81

Francis Coquelin in at number 10 after being handed an 81-rated boost from his 79 on FIFA 16, with 81 physical his highest attribute.

9. Olivier Giroud – 83

Up one from 82, Olivier Giroud has been rewarded for another solid season in the Premier League, where he scored 16 goals.

8. Per Mertesacker – 83

Speed is everything on FIFA and even Per Mertesacker’s 88 defending can’t make up for that.

7. Aaron Ramsey – 84

Up two from last year’s 82 rating, the Welshman has 69 pace, 77 shooting, 80 passing and 81 dribbling. His Euro 2016 performances undoubtedly played a role in his rise.

6. Granit Xhaka – 84

The 23-year-old impressed in France for Switzerland and particularly flaunted his passing and strength, for which he’s been given 81 and 77 respectively.

5. Laurent Koscielny – 85

A wonderful defender with 78 pace and 85 defending, the Frenchman is a must-have considering he’ll keep most strikers at bay if used correctly.

4. Santi Cazorla – 86

Despite an injury-ravaged season, Santi Cazorla has been given 86 on FIFA 17, alongside 78 shooting, 85 passing and 86 dribbling. The Spaniard has made a fine start to the new term and perhaps justified his boost with two goals and two assists in five appearances.

3. Alexis Sanchez – 87

Alexis Sanchez has performed great in his two seasons at Arsenal, a rating higher than 87 is perhaps deserved. His Ultimate Team card still makes for impressive reading, though, with 86 pace, 82 shooting and 88 dribbling the pick of his statistics.

2. Petr Cech – 88

After making FIFA 16’s Premier League Team of the Season, Petr Cech’s 88-rated boost doesn’t come as much of a surprise. The 34-year-old was brilliant for Arsenal in his debut season and has been rewarded for that with 83 diving, 90 handling, 85 reflexes and 85 positioning.

1. Mesut Ozil – 89

Arsenal’s highest-rated player at 89 is Mesut Ozil. 86 passing for someone who recorded 19 assists in the Premier League last season is a bit odd, especially so considering the Germany international’s game revolves around playing eye-of-the-needle passes.

fifa 17 man utd player ratings

FIFA 17 Player Ratings: Top 10 Manchester United

EA revealed Manchester United FIFA 17 player ratings, here are top 10 players.

10. Ander Herrera – 82

9. Morgan Schneiderlin – 82

8. Bastian Schweinsteiger – 83

7. Chris Smalling – 84

6. Wayne Rooney – 84

5. Juan Mata – 84

4. Henrikh Mkhitaryan – 85

3. Paul Pogba – 88

2. David de Gea – 90

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 90

There is just one week for FIFA 17’s release. Let’s be wait and expect the final release.