FIFA 17 Release: 7 Things You Should Do First

FIFA 17 is available now, here in the passage, seven things listed you should do first when FIFA 17 is released.

Begin The Journey

Some may not like The Journey, as different people have different preferences. However, this take on the concept is done so well, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a look.

Spend some time playing Skills Games

The FIFA series has always had great skills/mini games. FIFA 17 is no exception as the exercises aren’t just fun, they actually help you learn to play the game and how to execute in specific situations.

Play a match as one of the world’s best clubs

To fully appreciate some of the enhanced gameplay techniques and the high-level presentation, you need to play a match with one of the top clubs in a huge stadium. Preferably, you should match them against one of their rivals so you’ll get the intense crowd reaction and relevant commentary from Martin Tyler and Allan Smith.

Play a match with one of the world’s worst clubs

To gain a deeper comprehension for the differences between big-time football and the beautiful game on a smaller scale, you should also play a match with two of the worst clubs in a non-legendary stadium. These matches help you to appreciate events like El Clásico for the grand spectacle it is for fans and players.

Play an Ultimate Team game against the Team of the Week

Ultimate Team can be a little intimidating, but the menu system in this year’s game is a little easier to follow. There are a ton of options, but after you’ve grabbed a few reward cards and opened a couple of packs, challenge yourself by taking on the FUT Team of the Week.

Try a co-op match

The sport is all about teamwork and when you find a group of teammates who are willing to cooperate, this can be a rewarding experience.

Begin a career as a manager

Smith and Tyler deliver solid commentary that helps to pull you into the midst of the grind. Even if you’re a fan of the more quick-hitting features, playing through four or five matches and a few scouting trips might get you into a new aspect of the game.