Barbarian Tactics: Conquer Uber Lilith in D4 Season 3

Season 3 of Diablo 4 has brought significant changes to the encounter with Uber Lilith, making it more challenging for Barbarians. In this guide, we’ll delve into the adjusted mechanics and provide step-by-step tips to conquer Uber Lilith and achieve 100% season completion.

Barbarian Tactics: Conquer Uber Lilith in D4 Season 3

The Challenge of Uber Lilith’s Updates:

Uber Lilith now presents a formidable challenge, especially with the removal of the ability to skip her homing 1-shot missile spam in the second phase. This guide is tailored for HotA Barbarians looking to overcome the heightened difficulty and secure victory.

Essential Preparation – Movement Speed is Key:

To succeed in this one-shot contest, prioritize movement speed in various gear slots. Maximize movement speed on boots (26%), amulet (26%), Swiftness passive (12%), and Slaughter aspect (20%). Sacrifice Banished Lord’s Talisman for this build, focusing solely on +damage stats and +life for bonus overpower damage. If necessary, you can also follow the “Diablo 4 items buy“.

Evade can be useful, but if executed correctly, it may not be necessary. Equip boots with +3 evade charges just in case. Standard one-shot HotA build and Uber uniques are recommended but not mandatory.

Step-by-Step Guide for the Fight:

Phase 1:

  • Cast Rallying Cry and War Cry just before Lilith lands.
  • Spin Whirlwind to stack damage buffs.
  • Engage Lilith, reminiscent of a Duriel fight.

Phase 1 Failure:

  • If the one-shot fails, Lilith summons minions.
  • Kill minions and dodge Lilith’s wave attack.

Phase 2:

  • Kill Lilith as in Phase 1, dropping her to 1% health.

The Hard Part – Phase 2 Mechanics:

  • After ‘killing’ Lilith, move to the top-left corner and stand in the circle.

Projectile Avoidance:

  • Lilith spawns blood blisters in the arena.
  • Leap over projectiles by jumping across to the right.
  • Run clockwise, avoiding projectiles with sufficient move speed.

Flame Blanket Attacks:

  • Lilith moves to northern, eastern, and western tips, casting flame blanket attacks.
  • Leap over projectiles and run clockwise during each attack.

Final Stage:

  • Lilith’s last flame blanket attack in the western tip.
  • Navigate the remaining projectiles, adapting to the smaller area and random blister placement.


Successfully navigating the mechanics of Uber Lilith’s updated encounter requires precision and speed. By following these step-by-step tips and mastering the art of movement, Barbarians can triumph over this challenging encounter in Diablo 4 Season 3, securing their place among the elite. May your journey be victorious, fellow Barbarians!