FIFA 17 Will not be in PlayStation VR

Are you excited to play FIFA 17 in PlayStation VR? The latest Virtual Reality Headset will be released for the Sony PlayStation in 2016 which has risen the question of game compatibility and the number of games that will be offered in the PlayStation VR.


But, what we want to know is, if FIFA 17 or any FIFA games will be released in PlayStation VR?

Sony said that their main idea behind releasing the VR is that they could deliver a sense of presence in the game. This would be perfect for FIFA game because you would be able to meres into the game, it’s fans, the pressure and the overall excitement.

However, the technology behind developing such environment takes time and we believe that EA are not currently on the near side of them. The games that are now available on PS VR are mostly environmental simulation with lesser control over the overall gameplay but rather focuses on the virtual setting. FIFA games basically need overall control of the gameplay before a virtual reality version of the game could be made and that will certainly take a lot time.

We can expect to see FIFA 18 in PlayStation VR.