FIFA 17 Will See Big Player Rating Promotion

As a professional sports game developers, EA Sports on the assessment of player ratings can be said that the majority player ratings are accurate.

FIFA 17 Player ratings on behalf of player abilities are always talked about. But in each season, there are always some players with a blockbuster way to become a super star and their performances in the season are worth a higher rating than their regular rating. This season a number of players who start the season by scoring lots of goals and quickly becoming a star on their teams. We can predict their rating will get 100% great upgrade in FIFA 17. Here is our summary of the players will get big ratings promotion in FIFA 17.


Jamie Vardy – Leicester City

The biggest name from Leicester City is Jamie Vardy this season, Vardy has netted 21 times in the Premier League this season. His goals have helped Leicester mount a surprising title challenge that has shown no signs of slowing down. Leicester City is so close to winning the league and completing an impressive season.

Jamie Vardy is second in the Premier League goal scorers list for the season. He has 21 goals, with five games left in the season. His original overall rating in FIFA 16? 71. We can sure he is the first one will get the improved in FIFA 17, and his rating upgrade will be the biggest one, up to 80.

Kingsley Coman – Bayern Munich

Kingsley Coman is sticking around and becoming a key player for this Bayern team for years to come. One area where Coman already has an advantage is his versatility, dribbling at pace and putting devastating cut-backs into the danger area.

His overall rating in FIFA 16 is 69. That is not even close to what he has done throughout the season. He is only getting started, so the game developer and fans did not see his impressive season coming. But he should have better stats in FIFA 17.

Marcus Rashford – Manchester United

The only best news for Manchester United is they have a rising star Marcus Rashford now, who appeared in a match against FC Midtjylland and scored two goals. Days later, he scored two goals against Arsenal and one goal against Manchester City. He has scored 5 goals in his 9 first team games.

He is only in FIFA 16 Career Mode with 59 overall rating and 77 potential, so he should almost definitely become available on Manchester United’s reserve team roster for FIFA 17. And His start rating in FIFA 17 will be over 68.

Hector Bellerin – Arsenal

Bellerin has established himself as a key part of Arsene Wenger’s defence as Arsenal hunt their first league title in over a decade this season. One of the fastest players in the league, Hector’s speed and keen defensive ability – together with a fantastic work ethic – soon saw him develop as a key member of the back four.

He is actually a good signing for Career Mode in FIFA 16. He has great pace in the game but many fans and gamers believe his stats still need to be improved. He has been a good player for Arsenal this season and he could be a great right back in FIFA 17.

Julian Weigl – Borussia Dortmund

Julian Weigl is is playing fantastic football for Dortmund. The young player with the composure and class on the ball has been incredible this year.

He has a 67 overall rating in FIFA 16 but his season has been much better. He has helped Borussia Dortmund remain in second place in the Bundesliga and could see a big improvement in the next game.

Riyad Mahrez – Leicester City

This season Leicester City is so lucky to not only have Jamie Vardy, but also have Riyad Mahrez. He has been a huge part of Leicester City’s success this season as well. Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri described Mahrez and forward Jamie Vardy as “priceless” ahead of the January transfer window.

His first FIFA 16 rating was 73, that’s not bad, but in this season he played as a 80 over rated player, we think it looks like he will receive a huge ratings upgrade in FIFA 17.

Above all is our prediction of the player rating upgrade in FIFA 17. Clicking here you can buy the Cheapest FIFA coins and know more news and guides about FIFA Games.

Who do you think will receive the biggest ratings upgrade in FIFA 17?