Manchester United Seems to Have the Biggest Transfer Budget in FIFA 17

Manchester United look like they’re back to their smug best after three years in the relative wilderness. They’ve got the world’s most expensive footballer. An arrogant striker who thinks he is a God, and a manager who’s a master of the tactical dark arts.

Now the folk at Electronic Arts have underline just how bastard annoying Manchester United are, by giving them the largest transfer budget in Career Mode for FIFA 17.

Thanks to a brand new ‘leak’, we now know the transfer budgets for the Premier League’s top clubs and Jose Mourinho’s United have the most money at their disposal with a budget of £122,134,856. It’s closely followed by Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City who apparently have £100,981,872 to blow in the transfer market.

Both clubs have spent more than £150m in the transfer market this summer so it seems like they’ve been allocated the most money to play with on the game.

A list of all 20 Premier League teams’ budgets has been published.

20. Burnley £26,325,166

19. Hull £27,277,404

18. Watford 27 718 716

17. Middlesbrough £27,850,290

16. Bournemouth £28,396,952

15. Swansea £30,916,380

14. West Brom £30,916,380

13. Crystal Palace £31,597,382

12. Spurs £35,165,128

11. Sunderland £40,663,000

10. Southampton £43,005,004

9. Leicester £47,431,788

8. Everton £47,638,276

7. Liverpool £62,906,076

6. West Ham £63,752,556

5. Stoke £68,928,672

4. Arsenal £76,501,448

3. Chelsea £84,256,840

2. Manchester City £100,981,872

1. Manchester United £106,040,664

Manchester United have the biggest transfer budget on FIFA 17 by far.