How to Play FIFA 17 New Story Mode – The Journey

FIFA 17’s new story mode, dubbed The Journey, is without doubt the game’s biggest addition this year. It tells the story of Alex Hunter, a young aspiring football player who is following the path of his grandfather and father. The Journey allows you to control 17-year-old Alex Hunter, guiding his options on and off the field. Following tips will get you in the right footing at the beginning in The Journey.

Choose Your Position

When the FIFA 17 demo first came out, many gamers were led to believe that Alex Hunter was going to be fixed as an out and out striker. That’s proved to be not quite true. You get the choice of what position Alex Hunter will play. This will be attacking midfielder, right wing, left wing or striker. Think about the club you are wanting to play for, and identify which is their weakest position.

Start Your Career in Top Clubs

The Journey-clubs

Perhaps the most unrealistic part of The Journey comes pretty much straight away. After a strong exit-trial performance, every single Premier League club wants to sign you. Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, The Manchester Clubs. All six teams have inbuilt intrigue and enough IRL rivalries for The Journey’s odd “Football by way of Hollyoaks” storytelling to make sense. Choose a top team to join in.

Take Your Training Seriously

You don’t become a great on the pitch by shirking the work off it. Training directly affects Hunter’s in-game stats and the chances of him making the first team, so we advise you don’t simulate too many training sessions. As a rule, do the stuff you’re normally quite good at in the skill rooms, and then on top of that, practise the new set pieces manually (especially penalties, you need to get to grips with FIFA 17’s new system).


In addition to training boosts, eventually Hunter can earn skill points to top certain stats. This is especially important because once you complete The Journey big spoiler incoming, you earn a FUT version of Alex Hunter that you can continue using in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Use Your Skill Points Wisely

Once again there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to skill points. Besides his natural growth, you can also increase Hunter’s overall rating by using skill points. As the young star improves, more skill points will come available. Be wary of the skills required for playing in your position, for instance if you are a striker you will want to improve the skills that improve his shooting. Pace is always important regardless of position, but perhaps stay away from the long throw and free-kick stats as they will be rarely be used in game, and will have little or no impact on your overall rating.

Do you have any different ideas to play the journey? Welcome to share you thoughts in comments below.