The Issue of Cheaters in FIFA 17

Cheaters in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 is almost one of the most popular sport games in the world. Please pay attention the word “almost” because there are still some flaws and in the game, some of them are terrible, cheaters, for instance. Many of players should have faced the problem caused by cheater on PC who often use cheats to increase their possibility of win and, they made you annoyed and frustrated but they always escaped being punished. This is horrible for the honest players.

In fact, FIFA series could be just wonderful if it was not for the huge numbers of cheaters in Seasons and FUT (PC version). Many players have reported the issue to EA but it seems that few of them got positive reply. The issue hasn’t been tackled and there still many cheaters. Many players wonder if EA will develop some better security to stop the cheating programs. They think every year EA lied that the cheaters will be gone from FIFA PC but every time they are still there! Players wish to know if EA will implement something to stop this.

As far as i am concerned, EA can fix it once and for all if they are really willing to do so. EA Sports simply haven’t bothered to do this for FIFA. They have completely neglected it. I know this because Alt+F4 quit cheat existed from FIFA 05-11 PC. It took 6 years for EA to fix Alt+F4 in FIFA 12 PC.

There are cheaters on PC in the leaderboard. A few people have like over 1000 wins and only 40-60 losses. EA have done nothing to ban these cheaters and remove them from the leaderboards even after reporting them through the Origin client. It’s funny how these forums here are so strict when it comes to forum rules, but when it comes to cheating in their FIFA games there is no moderator for the FIFA online servers. .Just a few days I played the number 1 cheater in FIFA 17 PC. His name starts with M ends with a 7. I’m not gonna say his full name because it will be naming and shaming. But he tried to cheat on me. Miraculously though I got the win. He has 1200+ wins and only 50 losses. I was West Ham United and he was Leicester City. As soon as I scored quick fire doubles to lead 2-1. Shortly after that there was an “online sync in error”. Luckily this time I got a 3-0 win. But in most of the other case scenarios I wouldn’t have a win recorded. If the cheater attempts to quit using online sync in error and the game was for example in a 0-0 state then you get loss.

I think adding the Punkbuster is a valid solution. All games with Punkbuster usually get rid of cheaters/hackers. The Punkbuster program runs in the background it detects trainers, cheat programs, etc. If you try to enter a multiplayer Punkbuster enabled server without the Punkbuster client the game kicks you off the server until you get Punkbuster up and running again. And even if the cheater somehow manages to trick Punkbusters system they will update the Punkbuster version for that given game so that particular new cheat no longer works. These precautionary measures can be done.

I cannot understand why EA has not considered this, maybe the cost issue. However, EA is making an enormous amount of money on this game, how about taking a tiny bit of that amount and to address the issue once and for all?