IS IT Feasible TO Perform Without DONATE IN LOST ARK

The primary point to know is definitely the fact that you just will locate no absolutely no cost games. This, needless to say, isn't an explanation to make “pay to win” video games like ArcheAge or Black Desert. But any game need to earn cash. Otherwise, it only doesn't make sense to complete it. So let's determine just how much funds you must deposit into Lost Ark to produce it extra at ease to perform.

Lost Ark's “free to play” game model helps you to try it out without basically placing a dime to the game. In the very same time, not like every other “free to play” model, there isn't any closed written content for non-donators in the game. And on the whole, leveling as much as level 50 (Quick leveling in Lost Ark) won't demonstrate the game's donation dependence. The player won't encounter the must buy anything at all. The presence of the donut store is extra probably to be indicated by other players driving store mounts or walking in store costumes. As a result, if the game gets boring even ahead of the cap, there isn't any point in investing in it.

Premium account

If you liked every thing extra than significantly less, the player is faced with all the alternative “Buy Premium”, which can be known as “Beatrice's Blessing”. In principle, you could perform without prem, and it truly is quite great for oneself. However the pace of dressing, or rather sharpening, is going to be significantly less. The premium in the game is high priced, relative for the subscription of your very same Globe of Warcraft, and costs 700 rubles. We add it for the list because it clearly won't harm to get a at ease game in the initial months.

What offers premium in Lost Ark:

Totally free Portals. Silver in the game may be farmed a whole lot, but you could conserve a bit to start with. It's extra like a nice bonus.

The price of transporting ships is lowered by 50%. This is certainly, in actual fact, the same as the portals, only involving the continents.

Lowers the cooldown of one's HP by 50%, i.e., for one hour. Contemplating the quantity of fast travel in the game, possessing XR can conserve you a few minutes. Again, not bad, but not crucial.

Two more slots in the Book of Travels Take a look at. By default, you've 1 this kind of cell. This is certainly also just like CS, which includes a CD of two hours.

Premium offers an additional +20% luck and +15-20% to ship pace to get a naval game. Again, a nice bonus, but there isn't substantially marine written content. The sea set was reduce out altogether, so it doesn't give anything at all, offered that you just can frequently move fast travel involving continents.

One of the most significant attribute of your premium and, on the whole, the reason why it truly is necessary is definitely the loot through the final chest in 90 minutes of your game. These chests are only offered to premium owners, and in the last of them, you'll possess the opportunity to get an additional day by day, of which you could do only 3 on a daily basis. With out going into particulars, every day by day includes a opportunity to drop you acrasium, which can be necessary to improve gear and improve your item LVL (locally – GS).

And in any situation, even the primary bonuses are quite pleasant to get a at ease start out.


Lost Ark doesn't have a transmog or default wardrobe procedure exactly where you could individually customize how your character and outfit will appear. But you'll find costumes. They are special products that may be displayed in place of your equipped gear.

Even so, the entire point is the pretty presence offers you + 4% for the major stat. Which, you see, just isn't sufficient. So a suit can be a should. Costume costs differ. In principle, you could buy it with semi-donate currency, but it is high priced, specially in the starting of your game. So look at that no less than a further 550 rubles in the piggy financial institution of Mail.Ru.


You'll find not pretty numerous mounts in the game (All quantities are in Lost Ark), but you'll find all sorts of wolves, horses, and turtles. The sole challenge is ordinary mounts are slower than their store counterparts. The game's motion procedure is constructed in order that, in principle, the main difference is seriously smaller.

As a consequence of the presence of the teleport procedure, when it truly is easier to press the portal than to drive 30 seconds, the main difference in mounts just isn't so obvious. Additionally, on some islands, mounts aren't necessary in any way. But only now do you still need to drive no slower than the rest. As a result, we add a further 550 rubles for the donation.


By far, the most essential resource through the game can be the acrasium. It's necessary to improve your gear (Guide for sharpening in Lost Ark). And also, the volume you could get on a daily basis is restricted. From the chest in the donate store, once per week, you could get an additional five pieces, as well as cards.

Cards may also be obtained by playing, but it will take time Start now. But five pieces can be a good deal or possibly a small? On the whole, when you count, that is about 5-10% of your acrasium that you just farm in a week. +150 rubles per chest per week.


In complete, through a straightforward calculation, we figure out that you just will invest about two,400 rubles in the initial month and about one,000 rubles every subsequent month to get a at ease start out playing Lost Ark. Right here would be the quantities we got.

If you are interested in my viewpoint, then Lost Ark has far through the worst monetization technique. Yes, naturally, some issues in the store make daily life easier for you personally in the game. And far from just cosmetics, which can be the perfect problem. But in actual fact, all this won't straight have a enormous influence over the character's progression. In contrast to numerous other Korean games, there isn't any Globe PVP in the game. So even if another person dresses a bit speedier, you still won't observe the main difference even in PVP, exactly where there exists a leveling procedure that permits even significantly less dressed characters to fight quite effectively against extra dressed ones.

Some will say that in the donat store you could, for example, buy more passages for Guards every day, buy acrasium over the Black Marketplace when it will work. But if you're not a cyber cutlet or possibly a hardcore player but need to delight in the game, you don't need to have it. You could not even buy a premium after the initial month, because it offers not so much for its funds. If you are a fan of an active game and quick character improvement, then, I believe, about 1000 rubles a month just isn't this kind of a large quantity.

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