Destiny 2: General Tips For Farming Lost Sectors

Destiny 2 features a wide array of lost sectors that can be pretty lucrative to farm and are also one of the primary ways players can hope to get their hands on some Exotic gear. They are essentially mini-dungeons that can be accessed at any given point in the game, but during each daily reset cycle, there will be one Lost Sector in rotation that can be completed in either Legend or Master difficulty.

That being said, these Lost Sectors can be grueling to finish because one small mistake will be a big inflict on the player. So, in this guide, we will show you some tips to help players tackle the challenge.

Raise Your Power Level

It should go without saying, but you should only be farming these difficult Lost Sectors if you are near their Power Level requirement. In general, you should be at least 20 Power under the activity to farm the Lost Sector in a reasonable time frame. Any Power Level lower than that will be too dangerous to complete in a short time window. Try to match the Power Level of the activity to increase the damage you do and reduce the damage you receive from enemies.

Good Positioning Is Key

In Destiny 2, Lost Sectors are truly punishing. Players have limited revives, and the enemies deal a lot of damage, especially point-blank. Because of this, players need to be patient and strategic, rather than running in head first to clear out ads. Take note of any snipers on high grounds, champions that can run in like the Unstoppable, Screebs, or even Cursed Thralls. The type of threat will greatly determine how and where to take cover, but also what type of weapon to take into the Lost Sector. Cramped spaces will favor SMGs, while huge open areas work better with scout rifles and even pulse rifles. You can use Destiny 2 Silver to buy Bright Engrams to get weapons, ships, and other items in advance, which you can’t find anywhere else in the game.

Gear Around The Modifiers

Difficult Lost Sectors have modifiers that can make or break certain builds. The two most important modifiers you can look for are the types of Champions present and the elemental burn. There will always be two types of Champions in a Lost Sector that you must be able to counter, or else you will have a significantly harder time beating the Lost Sector. As for the elemental burn, this effect applies to both you and any enemies you face. The damage bonus is significant, reminiscent of what elemental burns did in the original Destiny. Plan your loadout around these modifiers to have as smooth farming experience.

Equip Damage Resistance Mods

Damage resistance has never been easier to obtain. Chest armor now has dedicated mods that grant damage resistance against certain elements or attacks from certain distances. The first mod grants 25% damage resistance, while using two of the same mod grants 40%. Protective Light, a Charged with Light mod, also grants 50% increased damage resistance after your shield breaks, so long as you have Charged with Light stacks. The Warmind’s Protection mod also causes enemies near Warmind Cells to deal 50% less damage, stacking multiplicatively with all of the aforementioned effects. Stack as many of these effects as possible to make this content much easier.

Use Crowd Control Abilities

With Strand and Stasis in the game, both are fantastic tools for players to take advantage of when dealing with Lost Sectors containing higher enemy density—such as the ones on Neomuna and the Throne World. Older Lost Sectors will be more forgiving. Strand’s suspend is great for disabling half of the room to shoot the boss or tackle that dangerous Unstoppable champion running at the player from across the map. That said, Stasis works just as well, with freeze able to deal with all three champions. It’s why a fusion rifle with Chill Clip is one of the cheapest stun options to bring into a Lost Sector.

Do A Practice Run And Experiment

When running Master Lost Sectors, players will need to start over a few times to figure out the best possible loadout for a quick, farmable rotation. There are a lot of variables to consider in solo content like this, from weapons to the right subclass to champions, etc. So, don’t be ashamed to drop in and drop out to see what exactly awaits inside the Lost Sector to be better prepared for it. This is a good way to also check out enemy spawns and see if a weapon with a better range is needed to deal with the enemies inside.

It ends here. For those looking to maximize their character, these are the best tips to help with farming tough Lost Sectors in Destiny 2.