COD MW3 will add some additional accessibility features to the game

As the release of COD MW3 approaches, players eagerly anticipate the new features that will be released soon. Although the standard additional maps, camouflages, and upgrade progression have been officially announced, there are still some basic features and game items that players have yet to see. The new features mainly include some adjustments to gameplay and game modes.

Gameplay changes

The gameplay changes in COD MW3 are mainly focused on weapons, including detailed statistics, weapon adjustments, and shooting ranges, and a separate player life bar has been added.

Detailed statistics
Detailed statistics will be available at launch, a huge win for players. In previous games, players had to rely on inaccurate stat bars that were, at best, vague estimates of how certain weapon attributes might change. With detailed statistics, players can get precise information about their weapons. With these accurate data, players can make better use of the MW3 boost lobby.

Players would like to have a feature that allows them to choose which attachments are visible and which attachments get stats. For example, a player likes the look of Barrel. Additionally, we should have an option to customize our Ironsights, just like VG, with fewer restrictions.

Weapon adjustment
Weapon tuning is a controversial topic, but it may be more beneficial than last year. Through weapon adjustments and detailed statistics, players can accurately understand the changes in certain attributes of their weapons.

For aftermarket parts, players would like to see some 3D printed aftermarket iron sights, and Vanguard replaces the iron sights on some guns, so players would like to see more options for iron sights.

Shooting range
A shooting range will be available upon launch, useful for players who want to test their weapons. While there’s no first-person shot yet, it has been leaked before and is very similar to the one in COD MW2. It would be nice to see more work in the future, such as increasing damage statistics for each shot landed on the test dummy or allowing players to change how the dummy performs.

Player life bar
The player health bar on the HUD should also appear at launch. It will be visible above the enemy as an enemy health bar, which should help with visibility.

Game mode adjustments

For the existing game modes, MW3 adds hardcore mode and war mode, mainly targeting MW3 boosting weapons and battlefield gameplay.

Hardcore mode
Hardcore mode will be available from day one and is great for weapon upgrades and camo grinding. Almost everything is over in one or two shots at most.

War mode
War Mode is the World War II mode Sledgehammer released a few years ago. It’s a giant tug-of-war mode where you have to escort a target through what’s usually a tank. It’s a great mode in terms of having fun.

In addition to the above two significant changes, COD MW3 also provides double XP tokens, which will be available to players when it is released. These tokens can be spent on Operator Weapon XP, Weapon XP, or Battle Pass Tokens. These newly added auxiliary functions can improve players’ gaming experience and allow players to enjoy the game more.

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