Forza Horizon 5: Upgrade an A-class BMW IX into a powerful S-class SUV

The 2022 BMW IX XDRIVE50 is an electric car that many may think of as an ugly electric SUV, but it’s much more. Players need to earn 20 points in the autumn race to get this car in the game.

BMW IX vehicle characteristics

The car’s taillights are uniquely placed on the trunk, but in many parts of the United States, the law states that taillights cannot be mounted on moving parts of the body, so BMW added brake light.

The BMW IX is a four-wheel drive SUV equipped with wipers and can travel approximately 500 miles before running out of charge. The original BMW IX had an impressive 516 horsepower. But in the game, players can upgrade it to a staggering 1,900 horsepower by replacing the motor and battery with Rimac Navarra batteries, costing roughly 100,000 Forza Horizon 5 Money.

Vehicle performance modification

Modifying the body and adding FORZA HORIZON 5-WIDEBODY KI can greatly improve Acceleration and Launch.

Upgrade the rear tires and install 295 MM REAR TIRES to increase the car’s grip, which will greatly help improve Acceleration and Launch.

The vehicle also upgraded some auxiliary accessories such as RIM STYLE, TIRES AND RIMS and SPRING AND DAMPERS. After the modification, this A-class BMW IX was successfully promoted to an S-class SUV, and the peak power was increased from 516 HP to 1893 HP and improved by more than three times. The total modification cost is 151,050 Forza Horizon 5 cr.

Vehicle modification video

The BMW IX will be a force to be reckoned with once it’s upgraded, with nearly 2,000 horsepower that can be converted to drag spec for a sub-8-second quarter mile. Its 0 to 60 acceleration is impressive, and with the right adjustments, players can reach even faster speeds.

When the car was fully upgraded, the BMW IX became a top contender in the S2 class. Despite being very powerful, the car still handles corners well at high speeds, making it a viable option for racing enthusiasts in the game. The only defective aspect is that the BMW IX cannot drift. It is difficult to achieve smooth drift because it needs the suspension frame of the corresponding vehicle. I hope this feature will be added in subsequent game updates.

Since the appearance and configuration of the BMW IX are not attractive, it may not be the first choice of most players, but after modification and upgrade, it will be a hidden gem in the game. The BMW IX can be used as a vehicle in both racing and drag racing. Provide a unique experience.

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