Are You Lazy When it Comes to Gaming?

According to Google, laziness is defined as: The quality of being unwilling to work or use energy.


We gamers get this a lot from everyone around us, “You are lazy!”, “You don’t do any chore of the house!” and a lot of other sorts of scrutiny from people around us. But it’s nature’s rule to always go towards maximum potential energy and minimum kinetic energy. And so shrugging all that aside we still keep on playing games because they bring us joy. However, we gamers can also be lazy, uhh… in terms of gaming as well. This laziness can be seen in a variety of ways, but only a fellow gamer would be able to recognize it. For the uninitiated it will still remain a generic gaming session with a dosage of sarcastic comments.

“You’re still stuck on this level? It’s been over a month since I last asked. I’ve almost finished the game and you are still stuck here?”- I’ve been on both ends of this statement plenty of times. It is one of the most common dialogue, all gamers who are into story driven games say. By personal experience, this generally happens either when you are not able to do a particular thing the game asks of you or if you’re just too lazy to go ahead in the game or it may also happen when the game is so bad that you don’t feel like playing the game (In this case your mate won’t say anything to you).

Another instance is when you’re trying to be better at a game like FIFA. At first you have all the enthusiasm in the world and a will to become a better player- “I wanna become like…”, or something on the same lines. Then you become better than all the people around you (Admit it, most of us play the pirated version first). Then you go ahead, buy the game, install it and start playing online, and you get your ass handed to you. So you become lazy thinking that you can never become a player like them and instead of watching pro-players play the game online, you go back to playing with your friends or start playing some other games.

The next form of laziness is very commonplace. “I’ll not play this game (Generally referring to Dark Souls) because it’s very tough”. I’m not saying all people say this because they are lazy. Now, if a person is a gamer for a hobby, and sees a hectic schedule almost daily, he/she wouldn’t want to come home and play a game that has a steep learning curve Or maybe they have just moved on, like Ayush did. But many gamers just don’t want to put in the effort, simply because of some biased hypothetical condition. It’s sad to see how people’s opinions affect other people so much.

Another prominent form of laziness is when you are trying to reach for the remote/controller. Yeah, I’m one of those lazy people who cannot get up from their seat to get a controller. I can’t even remember the number of tries I’ve tried fixing my controller with a tape, just becaue my budget didn’t allow for a new controller.

There can be many more ways in which a gamer can be lazy, but these were just the ones we were not lazy enough to think of. Are you lazy when it comes to gaming?


FIFA 16 Review: Top Burnley Players

Every season EA Sports will release the current iteration of their highly-successful FIFA series.

Every release brings a whir of excitement as fans strip the shelves clean, get tucked into the “Auction House” and get opening packs of cards hoping to uncover a mega-rare Ultra Leo Messi with diamond-encrusted sides…well something like that anyway.

Some fans of the game get busy arranging their Ultimate Team to what their club side currently has on its roster, arranging their very own version of their team on their console.

Here are the top Burnley players on FIFA16 and just how their season has panned out this year.






FIFA Series are Admitted the Best Football Game

No matter whose point of view it is, Football always stays number 1 and is the most famous sport in the world. No wonder why there are more Football Game releases for Consoles and PCs than any other sport in the world. FIFA series is always the most popular football game.


We have put up this post for listing out the best football games that you can play in 2016. So, let’s get into the list of best soccer games for PC and consoles.

1: FIFA series and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016


Till last year i.e 2015, FIFA series always out performed the Pro Evolution soccer series. However this year, both FIFA 16 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 have received mixed reviews in the market. However, no matter what the reviews say, these two franchises release the best football titles every year. As a custom, Electronic Arts releases the next year version of the game in that year itself. So, FIFA 16 was released in September, 2015. Pro Evolution soccer, which is released as the successor for PES 2016 was also released in 2015. These two games were released within a week gap.

You can directly dig into the game if you have already played the older versions of it. However, if you played PES and shifted to FIFA now, there are a lot of contrast in between these two games. Personally, I feel that Pro Evolution soccer is a little tough to play when compared to FIFA 16. However, once you get used to it, it’s just a piece of cake to score goals. However, there are various levels of gameplay like beginner, amateur, Semi-pro, professional, world class and Legendary. You need months of practice to score a goal against the legendary opponents. However, once you reach that legendary level, EA and Konami troll you by releasing a new version of the game. You can continue with the older version but the latest game always tempts you. Eventually, you start playing the new game as well.

3: Football Manager 2016:


Football or Soccer games doesn’t always include the player taking the role of a player and playing the game, it sometimes even includes taking the role of a manager, managing them and winning the team ultimately. Managing a team is way more interesting than you expect. You might think that it’s a daily routine and simulation genre game, but in reality, it isn’t.

Football Manager 2016 is the best football manager game that you can find in the market right now. There are also earlier versions of this game, but as we can feel, latest games are always preferred and generally are the best. You can take the role of Football manager of any FC in 50 countries and can decide who plays and who sits on the bench, deal with the media and solve player problems. You’re in total control of tactics, team-talks, substitutions and pitch-side instructions as you follow the match live with the acclaimed 3D match engine.

4: Rocket League:


Most of you might be thinking, why is a car game in this list? Well, you might not know that this game is a combination of both racing and Football skills. The idea itself is mind blowing, isn’t it ? So, you drive a car, and control the ball with your car. You can shoot, pass , chip the ball just like in every football game. But, this game is much more interesting than any other mainstream football game. The developers are also working on releasing a “Basketball” version of this game. As of now, this game definitely gives you a new touch . So, we definitely recommend you to try it.

Any team in Rocket League has up to eight players assigned to one of two teams, using rocket-engine equipped vehicles to push a ball into their opponent’s goal and score points over the course of a timed match. The game includes single-player and multiplayer modes which can be played both locally and online. Also, the interesting thing is, you can even play cross-platform games with Console Gamers from your PC. Although this game is released in 2015, the craze and fanbase didn’t dip even a bit. Moreover, it’s been rising ever since it’s release.

5: Soccer Manager 2016:


The reason why this game is in this list is because, it’s a free to play game. You can download it from Steam and directly start playing it.


Is It Necessary For FIFA Series to Update Annually?

The ability to reconcile an authentic game of football has been the forte of EA’s prestigious footballing franchise in recent years. But we want to ask if it is necessary to update the game annually?


A new FIFA game hits the market each year and fans can’t stop but wonder what changes would be made. With every annual update bringing the subtlest shifts, the 2016 offering opts for a move towards greater realism and midfield attrition. There have been years when upgrades were so minor that one wondered if there was even a need to buy the new game. Usually it is either just a roster upgrade or some visual tweaks, but the engine more or less remains the same. However, more recently we have seen EA Sports taking strides to deliver a new experience each year. At the end of the day, we can simply say that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” We try and argue if the annual soccer franchise should switch to annual DLC updates, if the changes aren’t that significant each year.

That does hold true for sports titles, especially soccer games — the aim remains the same score against the computer or human opponent. How much of that experience can improve depends on the technology available and new features, each title brings. When the PS4 and Xbox One were launched in November 2013, FIFA 14 was made entirely on the new Ignite Engine. This engine was not utilized on previous-gen consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360. Now that is one reason to invest in a brand new FIFA title. The new engine offers improved physics, player reaction, controls and animations. The obvious improvements are mainly graphical, which we saw in all FIFA titles starting from FIFA 14.

Having played FIFA 14, 15 and 16, we can say that FIFA 15 offered a significant improvement over FIFA 14 and was fun to play online. The emotional engine intelligence truly shined, as players would react on every near-miss, goal or foul. The mentality would change from the start to the end of the game when teams are desperately defending a lead or trying to equalize. We saw 10 men celebrations for the first time. Barclays Premier League was presented with authentic television graphics, overlays and all 20 stadiums.

When we came to FIFA 16, EA Sports marketed it with the tag line “Play Beautiful.” We have the cover star, Lionel Messi, with his signature dribbling style known as “No Touch Dribbling” in the game. FIFA 16 also introduced national women’s teams which was a first for the franchise. We also saw improvements all across the board in defense, attack and midfield, with the game now played mostly in the middle of the pitch. Pro passing provided better passing mechanics and the long ball counter attack goals were tweaked.

The FIFA Trainer would help rookies and experts by guiding what buttons to press as they played each key pass or attempted to score goals. This time, the German Bundesliga got an authentic treatment from EA Sports. The commentary each year also gets a boost with Martin Tyler and Alan Smith — sounding more natural and less scripted each time. The career mode has gotten several new changes such as pre-season friendly tournaments, training drills, and more realistic transfers.

While we think the changes in FIFA 16 are nice and every year the added authenticity in television graphics, presentations and real stadiums are much appreciated. Could all this be provided as DLC? The only way possible is if the engine isn’t overly tweaked and there are only minor updates that may not require a full release. This means one can save on the full price and pay only for the updates instead. Some of them could be optional and others required.

We think EA Sports is in the midst of making a lot of across-the-board changes. We aren’t sure if every soccer simulation fan has Internet access to make sure they get the annual DLC updates. At the same time, the game has to be different each year to keep fans away from Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series, which recently got a lot better.

We hope FIFA 17 is a marked improvement over its predecessor. And hope the career mode gets more exciting moments whether you’re a player or manager. In fact, it should be done in a way that the manager starts a career at a small club and takes it to the UEFA Champions League (known as European Champions Cup in the game) and wins it. It can still be done on FIFA 16 and older games, but with a dramatic storyline. In the same way, we can have a young regional star who can make his way to the biggest clubs in the world. If these changes are included in the upcoming FIFA games, we won’t mind spending full price on the franchise each year.

So what’s your opinion?

FIFA 17 Wishlist

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Wishlist

I believe FIFA 16 has been a great game, but lots of new features can be added to the game to make it more authentic and real. Here we are sharing FIFA 17 features wishlist.

FIFA 17 Wishlist

Keep the Player Growth Authentic:
Developers can make the growth of the player more balanced. What I mean to say is player can grow physically, their appearance display their genuine growth till the age of 25 and sometimes it can be longer. But youth players, in fact all players don’t grow physically in the game. This requires a master touch of developers, and as the players grow physically, their strength should decline slowly. There should not be huge mental statistics for players especially for players who have bad physics. Besides, regens should be given four star skills.

Twist Kits:
To make the game little more interesting and to give it a new look, EA can provide an option to tweak kits every year on loading of every season, this will give a feel of something new. I am saying to change the complete kit of the team, but for instance, if you are playing as arsenal, you don’t change the entire kit into purple or something, but a new design like stripes or anything can be added would be great. This option can be available on every new season on career mode. Or they can provide an option of kit combination where players can choose different color shots. For example, Juventus can use black or white shorts in their home kit.

Reserves Team:
To bring a little more excitement into the game with extra teams. We all love to play from the big team side, and FIFA has done a great job in introducing such champion teams, they have featured almost all the best teams of football, but they have left several small teams. Sometimes it feels good to play from the small team side against a champion. It bestows a different challenging feeling. EA can add new reserves teams in FIFA 17 for extra enthusiasm. This will be unique attribution and will provide more challenging opportunities.

Extra Swedish Leagues:
Football and Sweden has a great combination, and that would be great if EA could include more Swedish leagues with stadium customize options. A league match gives a complete different experience full of energy. Thus adding more of that won’t harm anybody; in fact it would be an advantage in the game as it will enhance the entertainment package.

Customize Nets:
This is something several fans are looking for years. If we talk about the FIFA 16, there I’ve seen the nets are hardly sufficient. EA Sports can provide an option to change the color and pattern of the nets players are playing with and the other thing is they have provided an option of tightness and looseness of the nets, for what purpose? , it doesn’t work anyway. Instead they can provide a tighter net the way as it was in FIFA 2014 world cup. If we’ll see the same in 2015 and 2016 game, the nets are so saggy.

Authentic Managers:
I just love FIFA! There is no doubt it is an amazing game, but it requires a lot of improvisation on several parts and one of that part is manager’s authenticity. Every year the game improved a lot, and for FIFA 17 fans would love to see actual managers in the game not those old bald men roaming here and there on the touchline like ghosts. Managers are the important part of the game, and they have significant role to play. So instead of those generic dudes, EA can include professional managers.

Enhanced Crowd Animation:
Let’s make the crowd more lively and curious. It would be amazing and funny to see the crowd walking out of stadium if their team is losing with big difference like 4-0. Crowd can be full of enthusiasm, they can add sound energetically on every goal and they react and sound negatively on every missing goal kick.

Include Dinamo Zagreb:
Many fans believe it is the time to add Dinamo Zagreb into the FIFA game now as they have qualified for tournaments like champions league and some awesome players as well. Besides, they also win their league every time. FIFA can consider them to add in the next version. It is little awkward that FIFA has not added them in FIFA 16, but they can be included in FIFA 17.

Additional Leagues:
Fans were expecting numerous other leagues in FIFA 16, but as they are missing in FIFA 16, now hope is to FIFA 17. They can add the Greek, Ukrainian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Czech, Finland and Bulgarian leagues. Besides all such, Brazil Champions league and Europe league is also needed. EA can include other legends and all the South American leagues like the Ecuadorian, Uruguayan, Bolivian, Venezuelan leagues. Their inclusion is significant in order to create copa libertadores, they need to put their attention on Latin America with one eye on Europe. There are numerous hardcore soccer fans in North America as well, if they include their teams in next version, the game will become superior than it is now.

Online Career Mode:
EA can bring online career mode in FIFA 17 now; 2-4 players’ option would be great for the beginning of online mode. Fighting for titles and transfers fills with different energy. This will enhance the credibility of the game and its entertainment level will multiply with enthusiasm since this will let players to challenge players online. This would be an amazing characteristic to introduce in FIFA 17.