Thomas Muller Rating Discussion in FIFA 17

Thomas Müller is a German professional footballer who plays for Bayern Munich and the Germany national team and he is one of Germany’s best footballers with a rating of 87 on FIFA 17. But his rating is a long time controversial discussion.

Thomas Muller

According to his performance, someone said the German striker’s technical and physical attributes had to be bumped up to increase his rating as he was not especially good at anything. Although The FIFA ratings are decided by a team of 9000 reviewers who watch as many matches as possible and estimate player attributes. This subjective data is then entered into a secure EA website and analysed to set up the FIFA ratings.

Muller, meanwhile, broke into the German squad in the 2010 World Cup where a young German side impressed in South Africa with the young forward winning the Golden Boot for his five goals in the tournament. Mueller-Moehring, the man who controls EA’s ratings told ESPN that Muller’s rating would have been a lot lower had they not bumped it up.

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