Something about FIFA 17 Women’s Team

Each year we tend to get a ​FIFA ​launch around September. Whether or not EA intended it to be public knowledge, one thing we know for certain about FIFA 17 is that it’ll come with an increased roster of women’s teams. Last year saw FIFA tentatively dip its toe into the increasingly popular women’s game, with a mini tournament featuring national squads – England taking on the likes of the USA, Germany, France, Japan and a few others. It would appear this year, the roster is set to get something of a boost.


Norwegian striker Ada Hegerberg posted a photo on Instagram having her picture taken by the bods at EA, presumably for inclusion in FIFA 17. FIFA 16 saw the introduction of women’s teams into the World renowned series and included 12 international teams for the first time in the game’s history. These teams were. All 12 international received the same treatment as their male counterparts through having the players heads scanned into the game.

Rumours suggest the original 12 women’s teams is set to jump to 16 or more in FIFA 17. Given Norway currently sit at #11 in the most recent rankings, it’s no great leap to imagine that the Scandinavian giants – former world champions no less – are likely to be part of that expanded set-up.

But what about league football?

In tandem with the impressive performances from the England Lionesses, so the popularity of the Women’s Super League has also blossomed, with current champions Chelsea being run very close by fresh force Manchester City right until the final day of the season. In our view, now would be the perfect time to add league football to FIFA’s roster, though we expect we may have to wait until FIFA 18 or possibly even FIFA 19 before it joins the party.

In summary, FIFA 17 should include:

  • Licensed club sides from the major leagues in the women’s game
  • Head scans to add authenticity to the game and possibility to use licenses for the male sides which could see the addition of new stadiums (which men/women share)
  • Add additional countries to the 12 which feature in FIFA 16
  • The addition of extra teams should see a career mode for the women’s sides to add an extra element to the game.