5 Things EA Still Have Time to Implement in FIFA 17

1. Player searching on the transfer market

When I search a player on the market, I want all of his cards to appear. like this:

Player Name

I didn’t include his other informs cause I was lazy, but you get the idea.

2. Consumable searching on the market
When I search for squad fitness cards, I want to be able to filter the cards so I only see the squad fitness cards, and not the player fitness cards. This would save people so much time.

3. Player stats
I want to be able to see more than just games played, goals scored and assists. I want to see my player’s shot accuracy, pass accuracy, number of man of the matches, clean sheets, etc.

4. better rewards for division 1 titles
When I win division 1 multiple times, I want something more than fifa coins. Packs or draft tokens would be appreciated. the rewards should get better the more division 1 titles you win. You could also apply this to division 2 and division 3 but with smaller rewards. Not just fifa coins!

5. Savable team tactics
I want team tactics to be unique for each squad and savable. This would save the pain of checking your team tactics before every match you play.