10 Things Need to be Included in FIFA 17(Part Ⅱ)

In our previous article, we introduced the 5 things need to be included in FIFA 17. And now I will continue the topic, below is the other 5 things:

5. More Teams

Ukraine Football team
The more teams that are on FIFA – both male and female – the better the game will be.

We need to be seeing more representatives from the lesser leagues in the football world so we have more choice when it comes to settling a dispute with out best mates. You know, the “I think I’m better than you so let’s settle it with a game using two star teams from the Ukrainian Premier League” debate. They’re always fun.

Another idea could be the introduction of classic teams. How great would it be to be able to play with or against the likes of the England ’66 World Cup winners or Arsenal’s invincibles?

Just a thought, EA…

4. More Tunes!

fifa soundtrack

FIFA music is great. There’s always a few gems from bands that you’ve never heard of that become instant classics as soon as you hear them. Then, when they make the charts six months or a year after a FIFA title’s release, we’re all like “oh, it’s that tune from FIFA…”

You know how it goes.

However, when the time comes that you’ve been playing FIFA for a couple of months, those tunes that once held a special place in your heart are now a complete pain to listen to. You’ve heard them so many times that you are forced to mute your TV and stick Spotify or something on instead.

EA Sports and Spotify need to come together and have some sort of in-house system where there are literally thousands of tunes to choose from. That way, the monotony of listening to certain ditties is destroyed.

That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

3. An Indoor Five-A-Side Mode

fifa street

Oh FIFA 97, we didn’t know how good we had it.

You don’t need me to tell you how great five-a-side was in those early games. Well, that’s if you’re about 25 or so. So if you’re younger, IT WAS TOTES AMAZEBALLS. Playing as your favourite pro teams on an indoor court was just… different. It was great.

How about instead of certain drills like tackling and stuff nobody wants to do before a game kicks off, we have a short game of five-a-side instead. You know, just to warm-up our fingers and whatnot.

Or, make indoor football its own section of the game entirely like it was back in the day.

Either way, given the nostalgic appeal to older audiences/intrigue to younger ones, it will be a winner.

Plus, since FIFA Street is dead so we need something like this to fill the gaping void in our lives.

2. More Modes

fifa17 mode

I’m thinking about you chaps and chapettes who don’t have access to online play here… Be A Pro, career mode, and smashing your mates only takes you so far, doesn’t it?

How about we see a couple more modes added to FIFA. I’m thinking something along the likes of a referee mode, or a chairman mode.

Referee mode would run like Be A Pro, where you would fill the referee’s boots and officiate a match live from the pitch. Starting off in the park on a Sunday morning, good performances would see you rise the ranks with the aim of reaching the World Cup Final.

Chairman mode would be similar to football manager, but different enough that no one would notice. You would be in charge of hiring and firing managers, a club’s finances, setting ticket prices and building new stadiums. You know, all the things that go on above a manager’s head at a football club.

Either way, a bit more bang for our buck wouldn’t go a miss in FIFA 17.

1. Five-Star Leicester City

leicester city

It’s nothing less than they deserve. Winning the Premier League, no matter how unfashionable their players may be, is the pinnacle of the English game and they should be rewarded for that achievement.

I know that a team’s score on FIFA is worked out by averaging the players in a certain a position’s score, and I’m not for one second demanding that Danny Simpson be made an 85 and one of the best right backs on the game. FIFA should maybe look to change they way they work a team’s star rating out, or should look to make Leicester an exception.

Their units, especially in defence, are better than any single player could ever be!

Either way, Leicester need to be one of, if not the best English team on the game as they were the best English team last season.

The league table doesn’t lie, as they say. Dilly Ding Dilly Dong!