FIFA 17 Demo Leaked Already?

FIFA 17 demo details have been reportedly leaked early, featuring a brand new gamemode called FUT 5-A-SIDE! The FIFA 17 demo image below has been circulating prior to the latest FIFA 17 trailer reveal yesterday and if recent leaks are anything to go by (FIFA 17 cover leak), then there is good hope for this one!

Fifa17 demo rumor

FIFA 17 Demo

Initial concerns about this image showing old generation platforms are not warranted as it’s been confirmed that FIFA 17 will debut for the Xbox One, 360, Playstation 4, PS3 and PC in September of this year. The usual demo clubs are included with the addition of Leicester, Ajax and Women’s Club Teams from the MLS.

The FIFA 17 demo will reportedly start September 8th – 10th, with the release date subject to change without notice. We’ve predicted a release date of Tuesday, September 13th, 2016, which isn’t far from the images. We’ll probably have the demo details confirmed by EA during EA play from June 12th – 14th.

FUT 5-A-SIDE Gamemode

What’s most significant is the addition of a BRAND NEW FUT 5-A-SIDE gamemode, which would be absolutely AMAZING! This needs to happen regardless if the leak is real or not! We can envisage FUT 5-A-SIDE working similarly to FIFA street, where you can unlock better players as you progress, earning coins and items along the way. The theme so far from FIFA 17 seems to be that change is good (new Frostbite Engine, new innovations, new cover stars etc), so it makes a new FUT 5-A-SIDE gamemode possible. Get some hype behind this gamemode as it would definitely be a game changer!