FIFA 17: The Biggest and Most In-Depth FIFA Game

As FIFA 17 lead gameplay director Aaron McHardy says, the game took more than three years to develop. And this means that fans can expect the biggest and most in-depth FIFA game yet.

FIFA Cover

McHardy revealed that FIFA 17 will include a cinematic story mode known as The Journey, where players take on the role of aspiring soccer star Alex Hunter. The game will also be running on the company’s patented Frostbite game engine.

In a recent interview with Daily Star, McHardy went into great detail about how the Frostbite integration affected the game. He said developers were in awe at how FIFA 17 looked and played as compared to FIFA 16.FIFA 17

“Sometimes you don’t realize how much of a difference you’re making because you’re making incremental changes every single day,” McHardy explained.” We got to a point where we were like ‘it looks pretty good, let’s put it next to last years and see if it’s better’ and we were just like, wow! We didn’t realize it was THAT much better.”

In FIFA 17, gamers will be able to see the density in the pitch, as well as experience the 3D nature of the environment. Additionally, the AI will be smarter this time around, which means gamers will be challenged more than before.

Gotta Be Mobile reported that each player has a better understanding of the field. When one player has the ball, his teammates will automatically move to open spots to receive the pass. FIFA 17 will also include stunt runs, fake runs and new physics for dribbling, defending and trapping.

According to Games Radar, FIFA 17 will feature 18 teams from Japan’s J1 league. Each team will have accurate and up-to-date logos, kits and rosters. FIFA 17 will release worldwide on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows on September 29, 2016.