Which One is the Best? FIFA 17 or PES 2017?

Though the domestic football season is at an end, Konami and EA are just kicking off as both juggernauts introduce the world to the next entries in the PES and FIFA series.

FIFA 17 or PES 2017? Which one is better? A lot of game players have been confused by this problem for so many years. But over the years of fierce competition between two sides hvae also promoted the development of the game, the two games have their own points and deficiencies. Now, let’s look at the detailed comparison btween this two games.

FIFA have got a good card that is women’s football. In this year’s EA conference, the 15-minute game demo without any shadow of Women. The official game trailer also no women’s football news. It’s hard not to miss the last time, FIFA 16 can arbitrarily manipulate 12 Women’s National Team.

12 Women's National Team

When people asked EA spokesman for the new women’s football section, the spokesman said Women will continue to appear in the new work, and is also an important part of the detailed message about women’s football will be released after the publicity. EA added content called Women initiative last year, but so far no new work in women’s football is still a little message to let a bit disappointed. But I believe in the future of FIFA works will also join men and women as the protagonist of the game.

PES series are still focus on soccer as usual. PES global product and brand manager Adam Bhatt said, as a hardcore football game, PES hope to improve the game itself wholeheartedly experience when compared to the addition of new models. “In fact, not that we do not want to do something else, but we have to meet the needs of players.” Compared to add elements of women’s football, improve Greenery legendary models, strengthen the game experience is the players want to see more.

In fact, this idea is very easy to understand, because the status quo is the live set but the opponent is extremely small size of the budget. Bhatti added that although other companies have added women’s content, but Konami have the same ability to do, and Konami has licensed Women’s League.

FIFA’s focus in this year are the extra physicality and more realistic movement into space. That means players make support runs laterally and even across one another, and can hold off opponents when the ball is in the air – controlling Diego Costa. Set-pieces have also been reworked, with an aiming reticule provided for corners, and your player is now able to move up and down the touchline before taking a throw-in.

However, PES doesn’t do anything as ambitious as last year’s game, instead focusing on tightening up the fundamentals. Passing is a touch smoother and more accurate, shooting offers more variation in terms of both power and accuracy. All in all, these two games look fantastic. FIFA has adopted Battlefield’s Frostbite engine, enabling it to offer volumetric lighting, while PES’s facial likenesses is edging towards uncanny-valley territory.