How to Download FIFA 17 Demo on PS4 and Xbox One

EA Sports finally announcing that it will be available for download on PS4 and Xbox one on September 13. Gamers can get their hands on a copy of the game on September 29 but will be able to download a demo before now. And there are 12 playable clubs in FIFA 17 demo! So here is the question – how to download?

Here are two different but a little similar ways for PS4 and Xbox one.

Download on PS4

  1.  Connect your PS4 to the internet;
  2.  Select the “Store” icon (an image looks like a bag on the far left);
  3.  Search “FIFA 17”;
  4. Download the free demo when option appears.

Download on Xbox One

The first two are the same steps with PS4. So here are two points to be stressed.

  1. Search “FIFA 17 downloadable demo” and download;
  2. Check the download progress in “My games and apps” section.

Do you expect to download? Utill its release, we just wait.