Tips for Penalty Taking in FIFA 17

Owing to an overhaul of the set piece system, a lot of gamers are having trouble with taking penalties in the new football game. Here are top tips for taking penalty in FIFA 17.

Take a longer run up

In the new game the run up is responsible for the amount of power and spin you can place on the ball for your penalties. We reckon the new penalty system is 30% run up, 30% placement, 30% power, (the extra 10% is luck), so sort out your run up. As well as changing the angle you approach the ball by moving the right analogue stick left and right, you can also move to take a longer run up by pulling the stick backwards. This is really important as a penalty taken with a longer run up generates more power.

Vary speed of your penalty run

Once you’ve given your player the ok to start running with the left stick, you can use the triggers to speed up or slow down how fast they approach the ball. If you want your player to slow down, hold LT/L2 for the duration of the run up. A quick tap of LT/L2 also makes your player stutter if you want to give the keeper the heebie-jeebies. If you want to speed up your penalty and increase the power with which you strike the ball, hold RT/R2 for your penalty.

45 degrees

You’re able to change the direction of where you want to put the pen with the left stick the entire time your player is doing their run up, but we humbly suggest you pick one direction and stick with it. Once you do, do not put that left stick further than 45 degrees in the direction you want. It is very easy to pull your penalty wide with FIFA 17, so if you want to send it left at right, don’t send it more than 45 degrees.

Bars for power

If you simply tap the shoot button on your penalties, you won’t generate enough power to send the ball home. For a decent low penalty aim for a little over 1 bar of power with the shoot button. Send your penalties top bins aim for just over 2 bars of power.


More practice will make you get used to the new system and how you can take a perfect penalty, just the way you want it.