6 Issues not Fixed in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 is out and fans can’t wait. Although there are improvements in defending, goalkeeper reactions and Career Mode, FIFA 17 still has the same old problems it’s had in every previous game. Here are 8 issues that EA can’t fix.

1. Crowds

With even more licensed and perfectly-replicated stadiums available in FIFA 17, you would think that EA may have finally addressed the issues with the poor crowd designs that have plagued the series for years. Unfortunately, they haven’t. The fans still look terrible, they still react unrealistically to the events on the field, and the strangely negative reactions to slide challenges.

2. Set Pieces

Set-pieces are a divisive issue when it comes to FIFA. FIFA 17 has decided to update all three, meaning this year’s set-pieces are now completely different to previous games, with off-the-ball control at corners and adjustable run-ups for penalties. The actual sport of football hasn’t changed set-pieces this much over the last 150 plus years! It comes across as EA being lazy by making radical and obvious changes to the set-pieces just to make it clear that this year’s FIFA is different from last years.

3. Fixture Congestion

Fixture congestion has become more of an issue in real-life football over the past few years. This is an issue fans of FIFA know all too well, as players have been stuck with horrific fixture scheduling in their careers modes for years, with FIFA 17 being no exception. It may not seem that big a deal, but if you are playing as a smaller club with a limited squad, having to play too many games back-to-back usually means you’re almost guaranteed to lose one of them due to player fatigue, which can ruin a season objective and can ultimately impact your entire career.

4. AI

In general, the AI in FIFA 17 is pretty responsive and controls the players like an actual player would. However, there are still a few little things that EA haven’t fixed. On your own team, players will still make poor runs or just get in your way when you’re storming into the box.

5. Player Demands In Career Mode

Applying transfer market to FIFA’s Career Mode is still something EA are struggling with. As always, gamers are getting stuck with average players demanding transfers because they’ve gotten ‘too big for the club’, only to see them end up at a team lower than them in the league.

6. Goalkeeper Kits

The goalkeeper kits of the lower league teams are still poorly replicated, most of the time being a bland, one-shade colour with no brand logos and just the team’s badge pasted on. If EA has the licenses for the outfield kits, surely they can make sure the goalie’s kits are accurate as well? They can replicate stadiums, boots and even hairstyles, so why is it so hard to have the correct goalie kit?

Even though there are problems with FIFA 17, FIFA 17 is still a good game to play.