FUT16COIN in depth by mmobux

While most virtual currency online stores try to offer services for a broad range of games, FUT16COIN goes in the opposite direction, focusing on only the FIFA video game franchise. FUT16COIN allows users to purchase FIFA coins for three games in the franchise at present: FIFA 15 coins, FIFA 16 coins and FIFA 17 coins. Coins are available for any platform these three games are on, ranging from the newest consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

FUT16COIN checks the prices of its competitors on a daily basis to ensure that it’s offering a competitive price. For example, 10,000 coins for FIFA 17 for the PlayStation 4 will cost you only $10, which is almost a dollar cheaper than other websites. While FUT16COIN does not offer a loyalty program, they do allow customers to sell their unused FIFA coins to them, providing a price that they guarantee is often higher than their competitors.

On average, FUT16COIN can deliver your FIFA coins in 30 minutes or less; however, for larger orders or times when the website is experiencing a significant amount of traffic, it can take up to many hours to receive your order. Also, certain payment types, such as eCheck or even PayPal, can delay your order by as much as five days.

The FUT16COIN website is clean and responsive, with no flashy graphics or long load times hindering your experience. While there is no quick buy system, the layout of the website is intuitive and let you order coins quickly, with a very few steps to checkout.FUT16COIN also accepts a variety of payment methods, ranging from online payment systems like PayPal and e-gold. It also allows you to pay directly with Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

FUT16COIN allows its customers to get in touch with them in three ways: Skype, email and telephone. Although Skype service is available 24/7, it usually takes an hour for FUT16COIN to respond. While the email and telephone customer service options aren’t as fast, FUT16COIN still provides a reply in less than 24 hours for either method.