FIFA 17 FUT Champions Week 1

FUT Champions is a new mode for FUT 17 is aimed at grabbing the attention of the more competetive FUT players.

You can now compete in daily knockout tournaments which along with bringing their own rewards, will earn you entry into the weekend league. To keep things interesting, the daily tournaments will feature unique entry requirements as well as different rewards. The daily knockout tournaments will run Monday through Thursday, with the Weekend League running across Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you only need to win one of the daily tournaments across the week to earn entry at the weekend.

The long and short of it is you try to win as many games as you can with a maximum of 40 playable games each weekend and you get better rewards the more games you win. However, one of the most interesting aspects of FUT Champions culminated in the first weekend league closing last night, where social media was awash with commentary, final standings, opinions and images of broken controllers and furniture a plenty which certainly made for interesting viewing if you’re a neutral.

So as you can see, it wasn’t going all that well for some of YouTube and Twitch’s finest, but there were some success stories to be found among FIFA’s pro gamer population, for which FUT Champions is in essence the ultimate proving ground for the FIWC and other localised tournaments which pop-up throughout the year. Some truly incredible performances there, but also one with quite a few complaints too.

It’s the first time that FUT Champions provided a credible and compelling outlet for truly competitive online play in FIFA 17. And with worthwhile rewards on offer at every turn, it has significant pulling power to boot. But the big questions for me is, in the long term will FUT Champions be too damn stressful.