Be a Better FIFA 17 Player with Top Tips

We’re now well into the football season, but at this time of year we’re not only thinking about our favourite teams’ successes, it’s also about upping our game in FIFA 17. That means to help you be a better player for FIFA 17. The below are tips.

1. Take advantage of the set-pieces

EA Sports has worked hard to revamp some of the set-pieces for FIFA 17 and you need take advantage of them. Keeping possession from throw-ins or goal kicks will allow you more opportunities to score goals. The same goes for making the proper judgement in terms of scoring free kicks both direct and indirect.

2. Bypass the keepers

There is a significant ramp in ability for the goalies in the game. It’s a complete change this year, as the keepers are suddenly really good. Power your shot up within the area and tap shoot again to execute a low powerful shot.

3. Know your formations

Whether you’re more familiar with the classic 4-4-2, feeling more Spurs or Arsenal with a 4-2-3-1 or even going a little more continental with 4-3-3, there are so many formations to take into consideration. But in order to be a FIFA pro, you’ll need to know all of them. You should be able to play at least 2-3 formations at a high level to consider yourself a top tier FIFA player.

4. Set a plan and think

Before you make a play for the goal, it’s best to think about your strategy. Once you’ve got it in your head, make sure not to deviate from it, especially when you’re on the defensive. When defending you need a plan or a system in order to overtake possession. You have multiple choices regarding how you defend, but make sure you commit to that style.

5. Focus on passing

Physical play has been given quite the overhaul in this year’s FIFA, from the way your teammates create space to the way you’ll jostle with the opposition for the ball. Quick one touch passing seems to be the way to go this year. Always try to play backwards before executing the killer ball to your ST’s as well for more success. Don’t be concerned about passing backwards before then pushing forwards.

6. Be patient and practice

Being able to stay calm and collected in all situations [is key], whether you are finishing a 1v1 or in dire need of a goal-line clearance from the defensive back line. If you want to improve your record over the long haul then your level of patience all over the pitch will be relevant, especially in higher divisions. And don’t forget to keep practicing.

Hope these tips can be helpful to you.