FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream Boost Becomes Available

FIFA 17 gives you the opportunity to participate in the FUT mode at Halloween. You can get special cards that will get even better in the creepy season. Make real monsters out of your stars in FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream. Now the Ultimate Scream boost becomes available at 7pm on 28th October UK time.

From October 21 to October 28, you have the chance to get the Ultimate Scream cards from the FUT sets. These are for the time being improved players compared to their normal values. Whoever thinks the time is almost over, let it be said that the horror is just beginning!

If you have collected some of these cards, you can look forward to even better players starting at 7pm on 28th October. The boosts are not to be underestimated. Thomas Müller rises in his monster version from a player’s value from 88 to 96. So he is the Obermonster and the horror players!

After the Halloween weekend, all of these cards unfortunately fall back to their previous value. This is, however, to cope with, since they are still top players, which have very good values.

In addition to the cards you can get a lot more. In addition to the cards, you can also secure your own Ultimate Scream jersey. Your team can then chase as a skeletal team across the square. There are also special Squad Building Challenges through November 7th, giving you special rewards. Start your Ultimate Scream Weekend Now!