FIFA 17 Details You May Ignore

There’re some details we may ingore when we played the game. Because We’re all too busy actually playing the game to notice the tiny details in FIFA 17. See which tips you have missed below.

1. Go Anywhere in Arena

Thought you were stuck with the ball at your feet in the Arena? Nope. When you’re going for your pre-match warm-up, you can go wondering by repeatedly pressing L2 and R2 on PS4, or LT and RT on Xbox, as quickly as possible. This will allow you to run away from the ball and go pretty much anywhere you like. Even into the stands.

2. Dimitar Berbatov Appears on the Cameraman’s screen

As the players shake hands before a match, there’s a cameraman filming them. And on the cameraman’s monitor appears to be a photo of Dimitar Berbatov scoring his third goal against Liverpool in Manchester United’s 3-2 win in 2010.

3. One Player Club

You see, Atlanta United was formed in 2014 but this year is their first playing in the MLS. And so EA Sports didn’t include them in FIFA 17, which was released last year. You could see their badge on Ultimate Team but they were nowhere to be found – including in Kick-Off mode.

But Josef Martinez became the first Atlanta United player to be included in FIFA 17 this week when he received an in-form card after scoring a hat-trick against against Minnesota.

Have you noticed these details? If you find more fun things in FIFA 17, welcome sharing with us.