There Is A Big Problem in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 is a very popular game which has attracted a great number of gamers since its releasing on September 27, 2016. It is praised for a brand-new game engine, a unique journey, new physical interactions and so on. However, there are also some problems in this game reported by gamers. It’s since the start of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team that I see lot’s of problems. Below, I would like to talk about the problems upsetting me most.

big problem in FIFA 17

As a gamer who has been playing the game nearly a year, I always feel that there is some magical game mechanic that influences and even controls your team or the opponent at some times. I don’t know if there is a bug or similar but here’s what I see many times.

1. It’s always easier to score in the first 5 minutes after the start of the game and the start of the 2nd half of the game

2. Same as the 1, but after a goal, sometimes I can’t even stop the attackers. His every move is perfect but my defenders stay still and shots are too much accurate.

3. The connection most of the time is a little bit laggy although I’ve a good connection with a good internet provider. The problem is that the main server for the FUT Champions is just in the USA and it’s a “little bit” too far from where some gamers play.

4. There are some games that I try every possible shot and most of the time it’s magically blocked by the keeper or I hit the post. On the contrary, my opponent score a easy goal with just 1 shot(from very difficult position, not just a simple 1v1 with the gk). I know it’s possible in the real life but I feel like it happens too many time. It’s ok if it happens one time every 20-30 games. However, it happens every 2-3 matches.

5. Driven pass are way to useless. Most of the time the game chose the wrong player for the pass and most of the time it changes the direction and the speed. It’s not possible to give just “assisted” or “manual”. The first is completly useless and the second you need to be very clinical to use it and in fact no one use it.

6. Normal pass is changed by the game at least the 30% of the time. It’s okay to help a little bit the direction, but if I want to pass the ball forward it is not acceptable that the player pass it behind.

7. Most of the time I feel like the winner of a match is not the stronger, but the luckier. There are some games that I should lose and then I win for some crazy impossible shots and some times when I should win but at the end I lose for an incredible luck of the opponent. As if it is the game that chose the winner. It’s okay to help a little but just a little and not giving a magic win for nothing.

I’m not saying it’s momentum or scripting but I’m not the only one who came across this kind of problems so there should be something wrong with the game. What do you think? Do you have the same experiences as me?