How to Win Without Spending Big in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM?

Working with no cash can be hard in NBA 2K21 MyTeam, but it’s not impossible. You have to be smart about putting together your squad. Here are some invaluable tips and tricks to know if you’re trying to build a competitive MyTeam squad fast and on a budget.


Free players

No price is better than free, and NBA 2K21 gives you a few options for free players.

The first option is locker codes for individual players. MyTEAM has several temporary locker codes to unlock major players. As long as you keep up to date on temporary locker code goodies, you can stack up against your team for the cost of nothing at all.

Along with free players, NBA 2K21 has had plenty of free packs.

Unlockable players

NBA 2K21 has plenty of different routes for unlocking players, and most come without any cost if you have the time.

Some of the challenges are, well…challenging. However, playing through them will render some valuable cards.

Beyond challenges, you can also unlock players by collecting. You can collect 10 players from each tier set to unlock the next tier via tokens. You can also unlock players by collecting specific numbers of players, all the way up to Galaxy Opal level players.

Marketplace value

Through the community marketplace, you can purchase cards that can sometimes over-perform their worth. Since cost is really just attached to accessibility and not talent, some hidden gems are quite cheap.

How to grow

Once you’ve established a lineup with enough talent to take games consistently, the real grind begins.

Take your accomplished team into Unlimited if you’re confident enough, or grind out other game modes to keep growing.

Make sure that you take note of challenges you face, daily, weekly, or monthly. These offer big-time rewards for only the cost of adjusting your lineup while playing. More avenues for mt and packs are always going to help.

Also, be sure to take advantage of evolution cards and item upgrades along the way, so you’re getting the best out of your lineup, even on a budget.

Play to your team’s strengths

To succeed in MyTEAM, you need to know your team inside and out. That’s the ultimate way to improve your game without spending a single MT NBA 2K.

Don’t use a ton of MT on packs in MyTeam

If you’re trying to build a solid team without spending real money, you’ll need to ensure you get the most out of your MT. You earn this in everything you do within the MyTeam mode. It’s best to target one card at a time and to build up your MT until you have enough to get exactly what you want rather than risking all of your hard-earned MT on pack luck.

The more you save, the more you can spend at the auction or on packs, which means you’re increasing your chances of getting a needle-moving card in your collection.

Buy low, sell high

The auction house is a great way to get useful cards for cheap or sell some of your less important cards for a small windfall of MT.

Your best strategy is to buy cards at low prices and sell at high prices. You can also potentially do a bit of speculative investing by paying attention to trends, grabbing the best players during surpluses, and offloading them during scarcities.

Here are some invaluable tips and tricks you can use in MyTeam and help you save your budget.