FIFA 17 Player of the Month for December

Every single month, EA Sports makes a selection of the most in form Premier League players of the previous month. Now you can visit here to vote your favourite player of the month for December. The vote will close at 23.59 GMT on Monday, 9 January and the winner will be announced on Friday, 13 January. Here are eight December POTM nominess.


Adam Lallana (Liverpool): 6games, 4wins/1draw/1loss, 4goals and 2 assists

Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal): 5games, 3wins/2losses, 4goals(a hat-trick) and 3 assists

Christian Eriksen (Spurs): 5games, 4wins/1loss, 4goals and 2 assists

Dele Alli (Spurs): 5games, 4wins/1loss, 3goals and 0 assist

Diego Costa (Chelsea) : 5games, 5wins, 4goals and 1 assist

Gary Cahill (Chelsea): 6games, 6wins, 1goal and 4 clean sheets

Paul Pogba (Man Utd): 6games, 5wins/1draw, 2goals and 2 assists

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Man Utd): 6games, 5wins/1draw, 5goals and 3 assists

Who is your EA SPORTS Player of the Month for December 2016 in your heart?